great and increasing diminution in the number of these elements as
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bination of nystagmus and certain movements of the head. The
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combination with the latter. But the positions of the phalanges
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character will almost certainly atrophy partly from interference with
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must exist in the blood. The lung must be smitten or damaged
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atrophy of the generative organs to white softening of the
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be reduced considerably just sufficient not to irritate the
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University of California Iedical School. Pp. illus
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Intolerance of light photophobia is a constant prevailing symp
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throughout convalescence. Its use possesses many advantages
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trabeculae. In the other variety there is evidence of more active
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whereas in cases of early drainage the reverse is true and the patient
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out anatomical obstruction to the urinary flow died in consequence of
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logical action toxic eft ects official preparations and conditions in
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that class is getting very little treatment. Of the few that we have
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preparation in hepatic abscess destroys in a most mysterious
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it is most important that the doses of atropine administered be kept
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will predict fairly close per cent. the presence of a positive com
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which follows on a gingivitis and apparently favoured in its occur
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The chief source of nerve supply to the rectal walls is from
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thyroid gland practically removes the whole of the thyroidal and
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bodies when injected in sufficient quantity into the circulation produce
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cardinm and skin. These facts emphasize the vahie of routine
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chiectasis and Pulmonary Tuberculosis with an Explanation of the
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infantile scurvy and as in post hsemorrhagic ansemia so also in
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Age is a factor of the greatest importance the prospect in youth
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ened muscular activity to inco ordinate movements usually first
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leukaemia with which it may be confounded as well as from the
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angry and livid appearance of the fauces and extreme sense of illness
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confer with the physician whenever doubt arises as to the best
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limbs have not proceeded to too great a degree they are usually
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grooves form the rachitic variety of pigeon breast. The chest under
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infects the entire passages of the germ laden green stools so
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Anatomical Diagnosis Pneumonia unresohed of entire left
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pain and orthopnea the frecjuent epistaxis the purulent an lt l blood
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infection anrl intoxications for there is no relation between the reten

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