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and photographic reproductions in black and white will
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Army.Medical Service that the orirtinal experiment of creating a
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thickening of the wall of the intestine with resulting stenosis
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down to the vulvar orifice. When this stage is completed the vaginal
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of the middle ear will often excite convulsions in children. Injecting
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Buffalo Buffalo N. Y. Member of the Congress of Ger
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It seems to me therefore that we are inevitably forced to assume
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west of the Mississippi River is probably the most remarkable in the
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interesting one of the numerous wild animals as lions
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above all in Tolerance. He is deeply interested in every modem
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per day for each patient is given at about 1.20 and
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preparatory to being elaborated in the large intestine and
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a measured quantity of milk for two or three days and can add
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thoracic space. The various diameters of the chest at
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siderable pallor and examination of the blood showed that although
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of the present epidemic since active measures for a
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mining districts from which our cases of hypopyon are
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ointment form such as the biniodide. Sulphur soap with hot water the
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Corolla red 5 to 6 cm long leaves acute or slightly acuminate dull.
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Lameness Due to Shedding or Bruising the Frog of tine Foot
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pose him. But if he saith it hath no bladder of gall and
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of the reproductive function. This occurs suddenly in
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cases there were nine temporo sphenoidal and nineteen cere
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gance. He pointed out that there were still some Branches
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breathing. Coughed but could not recall if she coughed
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oil kerosene absolute alcohol and paraffin oil as a control. The solution in
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mies. He also had opportunity to study tuberculosis
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desuetude into which ergot and cannabis indica have
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There was a small abscess at the sent of the injec
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ment of the local enlargement in the affected part of the body.
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the symptoms which were produced pointing out those which
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cal treatment should be applied not only to assist in
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manj of the cases were of tuberculous origin has steadily
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sources of surgeon and internist alike may be tested
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frequent occurrence for the reason that when there is an explosion a
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needle be not exactly equiponderant that end which is a
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of the upper root of the crural near the last dorsal vertebra the
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but reminds us that the nature of the injury except when accompanied
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castor either with pepper or assafoetida may be given with propriety then a
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event operative interference is demanded if the hematoma
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