the sources of infection are traced by modern methods.

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common practice to grasp it and pull it down over the

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taught also the preparation of vegetables and fruits. Instruction is given

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derness swelling fluctuation and pyrexia are prompt in their apjK ar

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firmaries was not voluntary and the attempt to use them for clinical

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circumrenal tissue pancreas appendix intestine hydatid cysts or trauma.

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original cancer. Guy de C.hauliac endeavored to recognize

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of the Medical Department of the Army beginnino with a financial

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to hear from old partizans. Indeed the prejudice jro and con is so

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The motion towards the right is more restricted but still quite

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sections into which they are divided for the purposes of this Congress.

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hospital in the world. From every country visitors bad

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inoculated in the ear vein with like amounts of pure cult

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rior part of the horizontal and a small piece of the ante

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attack of acote arthritis must inevitably follow. There

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aliunde adjici diximus mentio fit primum septuaginta hebdomadum

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operator iucluding the finger nails should be bniwh d until

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healthy body are worthy of record in this connexion.

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zation from a later infection of syphilis was taught.

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inordinate thirst first attracts attention. Very rarely it sets in rapidly

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even at present being by no means in accord. The older

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generally the companion of furprife and adds to our embarralTment

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igo2 for the purpose of examining Assistant Surgeon Hill

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cussed. The following were elected officers for the en

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the quantity of pods is usually large. AA hen however these months are

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probably of greater interest to you as practicing physicians.

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Tuberculosis Kcsoarch. It is reported that a large sum

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four Englifti pints of oyfter or cockle ftiell lime

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Hunter Irwin Walter Wm. 151 Collins street Melbourne Vict.

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markedly from that of the carotid body hyperplasia. So

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mals especially those in a comatose state and vet the animals

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extreme I can only say that I have endeavored to analyze my cases

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The amounts obtained were so small that no analysis was made.

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press October 21 the registration has been 828 a much

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general circulation and produces fever and the characteristic

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importance of which can scarcely be over estimated.

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that in which they could be asked if their wounds had

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action of diaphragm. Great dread of fluids. Recurrence of paroxysms of

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intestinal loops and had destroyed and occupied the

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years. Also striking diminution of nervous and mental symptoms.

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diphtheritis but only in scarlatinous diphtheritis. From the descriptions of most

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