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Annex a somewhat larger proportion of the cases were ex

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arising in later life. It may be most desirable as Immermann in his

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mation regarding the life history of the ankylostoma

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be kept roused by flecking the hands and feet with a towel. When

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with benefit. In all normal persons decided variations of course

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phorated spirits. Various instances of the success of this practice are

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ly be isolated from the stools from the bcginnin.i

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Past History l sual childhood diseases. Typhoid fever at

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Major Frank Dean Bain Surgeon of the Second Ohio Infantry

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rounding the injury will have divided by mitosis the newly

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is necessary is experience and tlbe frequent opening and closing

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method above mentioned and which Velpeau introduced many years ago

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before foaling and continues gradually swelling forwards until the

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arise and for such additional topical applications as

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upon a wake and the circumstances surrounding that special wake

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short haired form is a result of seasonal dimorphism in the hot cUmate

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observation and treatment or for permanent disability. Of these

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which simpler or ordinarily successful measures fail. When a definite

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mother science from which so many members have branched off

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ratory sounds are sim ly intensified normal sounds and the asthmatic

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superior laryngeal nerve by the specific catarrhal secretion of

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with vomiting bringing up a dark bilious fluid. His powers were

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in specific treatment takes its origin in false diag

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the clinician appears in an acute and a chronic form.

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gether in a mortar until the solution is neutral to test paper

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arteries with gangrene of the arm he found streptococci in the plug

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talipes equinovarus or tiexor coniraclure of the urist u ith excessi e muscular

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the greatest difficulty to overcome was not that of plac

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illustration of the formation and absorption of poisons due largely to an

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Paint the wound with collodion and apply a body bandage. Re

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know where to stop. The more we letiue onr tests and

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found that the percentage of fat is remarkably constant under normal condi

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but even tbe most chronic and obstinate cases have shown

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gradually over the legs and feet and later in other parts of the

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acterized by convulsions loss of sensation and consciousness

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Ophthalmoscopic examination shows the right retinal veins are full and

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