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One of the greatest difficulties that has been present in determin

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upon the acute suffering of burns and scalds is very

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absent. In the second place the history of the second

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tity of fluid in the general circulatory channels soon shows itself how

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published as cases of cured valvular heart lesions.

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almost intolerably offensive carbolized washes were used

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discovered but should they appear they will be met. We tell them

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itself is of equal if not greater importance. Statistical

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There is first a certain wound of the iliac region. Th.e radio

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wells within the City. The proportion obtained from these

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iate operation. In all ncute attacks it is absolutely essential to group

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above I think it is justifiable to draw the following

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strabismus. Excerpts from the proceedings of the six

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who employs but an infinitesimal part of the electric

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Kong in 1894 Yersin isolated the bacillus of bubonic plague.

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by him as Eegis Medicus Primarius to the other five

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sciences the principles of which are believed to be applicable to the

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around the shoulders. The management and manipulations of

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inchned to think that the description he gives will

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which lives on grass hay and kitchen waste together with two

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wasted and gradually undergo a fatty and sclerotic change.

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needed generally twice a year. In the rear of each cell is a

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the pas6a e through the fauces. The expedient that suggested itself for his

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connection with our case is his statement that the most common

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the consideration of the Section in conjunction with other

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which have gone down in the night of a premature grave

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an approximate force of 1 625 pounds which has proved

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parts of tinciture of guiacuni and oil of turpentine are shaken together to

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wide field of tradition. That here too obligations rest upon us is not

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r glme of cardisvc rest but in addition take measures

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emergency operation was performed. The appendix had ruptured and there was

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dwarf medium and the large beagle. He can be appropriately termed a

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to their reliability in the numerous and varied attempts at the solution

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ethmoid would not be any valid proof against it since it is

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