being the same the possible error would be of little importance.

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Alcohol and tobacco should be completely withdrawn in all

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men. To him and him alone is due the success which has attended

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The awards at the Melbourne International Exhibition for surgical

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between the DispenBarians and Apothecarys. 8vo iD. i u

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that there may be in these cases no visceral tuberculosis.

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emaciation. Merlatti who fasted in Paris in 1886 lost 22 pounds in a

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eight feet above the floor a curtain hangs in front of the

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of the disease will generally terminate favourably

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Mr. Thomas gives some striking instances of recovery

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also just before putting in to bake add the grated rind

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ganglion is by following up the superior maxillary nerve to

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hood of the presence of megaloblasts when pernicious

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the sufferer from an early and miserable death as in the following

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destruction of the end organ the cerebral pathways or center is

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relations between civil engineering and other divisions of construct

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than 25 per cent of his cases showed these multiple haemorrhages and this

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fine trabecuhe in the meshes of which there is lluid. AVhite softening

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camphor two ounces. Burning fluid may hi made in two different ways

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physical condition of the women. The inhabitants are

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who has his eye solely on the excellence of the end

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constitute the Proctor fund for the study of chronic diseases.

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wrists became tense but by increasing the chloroform they

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parasites in the two lizards in any way distinguishable from one another

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sels and the diminished extent of the respiratory excur

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explores the prostate and enlarges the orifice with a

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spfcaUon cannot be embairasaed Ihci by on the contrary it tJioidd

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commonest of all diseases affecting childhood but practically

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possible guarding it of course against wind and rain. Use only

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out about half an. inch thick cut the size required and

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in psychiatry although they embody conceptions and theories

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to discuss the e.xrlier efft cts and to omit aneur3 sm alto

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clinically depending upon the species of animals attacked and

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annual program should follow the appraisal form percentages and state

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beriberi zone whether of foreign or native birth seem to be less

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simultaneously. The face was pale pupils not noted.

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retarded physical or physiological development not only of the

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