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It may be well to add that swelling faradic currents are of great

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able us to settle this question which is of vital mo

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that the young D. lanceolatum show no traces of digestive apparatus

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treatment does but little and local measures are the only chance of

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bemg 250 cubic centimetres of a one per cent. solu

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prescribed for him. It is easy enough to persuade most invalids

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strain on tht ligament ha.s been increased from about 2 50

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pressions are not facts and facts personally observed are very

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upon the presence or absence of septic organisms. The larger the nerve

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covimunis grew but in two of these only when one cubic centimetre

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lieen iniable to rise. There were others which did not look

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that a man may be deranged in his mind his intellect

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hypodermic needle almost painless blunting sensation by pressure.

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thrice a day or the infusion of valerian. Alcoholic tinc

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published as cases of cured valvular heart lesions.

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the ordinary witness. ISTeither public policy the inter

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the race problem said The people of the South would do well to

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before Benda 18 and subsequent to the erythromelalgia Gerhardt

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the lack of hotel accommodations in the village. The

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of the right eye was performed with compensating suture. On

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red tumid swelling and especially the much smaller tumor and

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It is stated that the trypanosome found in Eritrean camels is Try

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the left iliac region. She has been a continual sufferer from indigestioQ.

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A specimen of the Homalomyia scalaris one of the privy flies was sent

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Bronchoscopy without anesthesia general or local revealed the

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downwards and that she detected this but he thought that anyone

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given every fifteen minutes till a drachm had been taken

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on the right the breath sounds greatly and irregularly

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stances ulnar neurectomy first practised by Vennerholm often proves

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sters Radoyen and Doyenka were placed upon a table invented

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the vomitings ceased and she was unable to speak above a whisper.

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he published his rinjsicloijical Hisloloi i which must be

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emaciation. Merlatti who fasted in Paris in 1886 lost 22 pounds in a

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Tajjping through tlie Abdominal Wall. For this operation either the

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there is a single living animal. Some build stables low for

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the water in B had a concentration of only 525 units. The level

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vary according to its intensity on the skin the vaso

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The patient s condition was now so critical that Mr. Willett

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stockyards district of Chicago during the early days of the packing

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