addition transformed some carbohydrate into body fat. The majority

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their bases and can reach such a point that it is impossible to

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gonorrhceal arthritis the affection is more acute and painful

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little woollen carpeting and bed coverings as possible and no

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though 1 have observed one patient in whom the lichen

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other method of fixation and staining of isolated cells

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and copious secretions sometimes find advantage from spending the autumn

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ration with the assistance of my mate and the purser making the

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the visible circle i.e. of the area at the fundus of the

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even a periostitis laying little or no stress upon the

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the same exercises may be used except that in every case the opposite

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account for the absence of ill effects in those per

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products prevent the future development of like bacteria. This

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Old World and should find now in America a land which not only

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failures table 1. We may consider this a very satisfactory

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and as was done in the past at numerous villages and

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be authorised to administer certain specified anaesthetics such as

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sites of the feces is particularly full and satisfactory.

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used are pure it will be transparent and of a light golden color.

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and policy of the Illinois State Board of Health in con

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are welcomed by the Board as indeed are those in regard to the

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the hereditary nature can be more easily discovered and traced.

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mitral stenosis had had time to develop. After making very liberal

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EXPLANATION OF PROCESS. Aconitia as already stated exists in

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flected sicptum narrow nostrils polypoid growths etc.

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interesting observation has been noted by Freund and

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at about 10 or 11 an age at which education has hardly

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improvement set in usually after a slight local reac

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essence should be given as food with bromid of potassium

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cient sanitary closets have been provided has obviated the difficulties

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of the sciatic ner e suffered most then the external popliteal nerve

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which were extremely to undergo septic infection

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for chronic intestinal catarrh at Carlsbad and else

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the diagnosis of carcinoma and up to date nine months there

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exact nature of the ordinance. If it is so stringent that

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frequent ligation being necessary. After removal of

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reviewing authority direct to the Adjutant General s office.

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or histo chemic reaction although their power of growth

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In the third lecture Major Lelean considers the physiological

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Wounds by sponges steeped in a chlorinated solution on the treatmeot

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that ail abuadaiLt supply of water frequently eualiles the frog to eu

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