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whatever part of the body they are situated are full of contagious
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many points connected with the public health that were of great
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septic disease from which the cavernous sinus may become
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with what was apparently part of the umbilical cord but no foetus
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after the third day in the hospital. These were chiefly
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tion of urine and faeces patient could rotate his head
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Practical Pharmacy. Instruction is given by the Hospital Pharma
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The so called actinomycotic granules were recognized in the
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recommended as disinfectants. And this might easily be done by
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history of our own coimtry and that we are the most unpatriotic
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over the tumour the patient steadily improved the thoracic pain
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material. They had presumably escaped from a larger
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tic may be sent when struck down by sickness whose attic cham
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palpation. The right eye and orbit w ere perfectly normal.
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So vividly did the scope and character of this work appear before
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of weight low down on the right side of the abdomen. No
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pus in the thickened mucous membrane ureters contained pus secondary pyelo
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and at last came to Edinburgh as already stated. On admis
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Rlieumatic exostoses are sometimes confounded with syphilitic
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easterly side of Albany street upon which a Small Pox
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Probably syphilitic in origin. Paralysis of right facial nerve with
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masses in the organized choroidal exudate. Retina and lens
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any of them ever did take an apprentice for less time than
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be reformed absolutely. Giving due and even handsome credit to
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of a fibrinous nature then the analogy fails. On the whole it
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nine hypodermically given and later intra venous infusion of saline but death
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tion afterward as she states that for several weeks succeeding

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