its structural chromatin arrangement and most of it

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depends entirely on the neeuracy of the suture in layers

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mated that from one third to one half of the existing

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trance into tlie Infirmary to her death a jfieriod of about

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the Bowels Connexion between Paraplegia and Disease of the Kidneys Observations

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number of cases of acute urethritis have been treated by

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The proglottides of the Tcenia coenarus dispersed on the ground

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blood was present. Hnemoglobin 20 per cent. red cells

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which after having been contaminated by the patient has been given

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of these minute living bodies in the semen of man and a

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be the cause of the complaint. In these cases I doubt whether

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Symptoms. The sjrmptoms of hydronephrosis depend upon the nature

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which iodine salts are administered in a legitimate

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dicated by the absence of dulness the presence of fine subcrepitant and

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acute parenchymatous degeneration of liver and kid

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necessary to administer repeated doses tion of the parasites.

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bers necessitate a modification of current opinions

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printed literature as his guide is apt to be disap

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ology and prophylaxis in our zoological inferiors. From the

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recovered they vacated to save the trouble of clean

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Dr. Abeille Paris. Chirurgie Conservatrice and Maladies Chroniques de la

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this purpose are keeping the surfece of the body warm by proper

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supposed administration of the arsenic and this length

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under the article Ergota in the chapter on Emmenagogue amp

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witness for the Crown in many important criminal trials in

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rainfall. Statistics show that the fluctuations in the yield per acre in

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present in the motor roots of the spinal nerves in early embryos

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lines of the primeval religions and struck out all the unwritten laws

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than when she took the ergot prescription. The ergot and belladonna

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are no doubt useful training it would be far better to

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Brief concise conventional dogmatic giving little dis

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of the bladder. When the incision was made over the

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sexes and at all ages being most frequent between the

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This is a very typical case of blastomycetic infection of

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parison is not alone between diverse national literatures but between

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sides from collapsing. In fact nothing could be more simple and beau

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whose immorality led him to sport with all opinions and tQ

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operation I asked Dr. Day to examine the patient with

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dietetic and medicinal measures. On the first and second of these I

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diminishes with the increasing gravity of the hemorrhage and

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and the same is true of a book addressed to the great

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remarks from a pathological point of view about some of the other kinds

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they would soon exterminate themselves. lilk is a highly nu

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was not prepared to undertake the entire expense involved. In

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into effect although the offenders were subsequently

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mater and the cranium and may lead to all lie manifestations of intracranial

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Nevertheless in view of the very great expansion during

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it remains there for some days without apparently causing any disturb

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ten fluidounces of tincture have passed and evaporate to five fluid

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The lobe of the ear is washed with soap and water and

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ondary effects of alcohol are frequently so severe that the last condi

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the first time since his discharge and I have the opportunity

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her but after consulting with friends she absolutely

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cases or 6.5 per cent. Frontali records a case of lavyugo

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Office wherebv it is confidently anticipated by the

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of the contents of the hot water cylinder connected with it.

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rhoea 44 fever 28 small pox Birmingham 3 Manchester 3

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know whether the cholera rice water is applied to rice water aa

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disappear. A cup of colTee and a slice of toast taken each morning

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Bacluisetts and the terrible alarm there created in consequence u

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Professor Heath completed a monographic report on the Soleno

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similar operation.s i e. those involving laparotomy can be as

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Consultants medicine each hospital cen i Consultants surgery each hospital center

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more or less abundantly in the stools. In two cases which I have

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An accumulation of serum in the subcutaneous connective tissue in

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in one instance and a disease of the nails and falling

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individual as rendering him in the highest degree susceptible of the

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vpanted to make the Representative Body more elastic.

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the ordinary tendency of this disease to this is a

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