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and this habit is not adopted the consequences are of the most
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Sap wood very light colored. Heart wood light hrown to dark hrownish
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mentary the finger passed high up tlie rectum while the woman is
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Moreover a mortuary ccrtiGcate of death from cJdoroform narcosis
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usually lost. The treatment in addition to combating the local symptoms
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maintenance of the hypothermia and no definite studies have been
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a company of Somaliland Camel Constabulary to the latter place
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corresponding murmur may be absent. It is to be seen in other anaemias
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ing interest in things. Feelings if present are apt
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presence and to offer to the President and Professors of the Faculty hearty
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before admission and who have been too much purged. The use of drastic
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powder and a suitable preparation to administer for free
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phthisis where the real disease is mitral stenosis. The
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more readily and at an earlier stage and might i ecover
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Bird is standing in a normal fashion. Eye and head nystagmus pres
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Send us the names of such of your professional friends
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operative method or render this superfluous. It is
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minutes at other times an hour or two generally terminating with gaseous
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The Priory was bought by the Attorney General but there
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Dr. Simmons was formerly editor of the Wester7i Medical Review.
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ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. IMalformations caused by arrested
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being subject and the other a certain continuity of known object.
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order. Cocaine answers very well in some cases it is certainly both a
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process by his own operation or by seeking surgical treatment. A dry scab
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excess more frequently in that of defect we had no means of measuring
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and so arranged as to be useful as a reference book for laboratory
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on rabbits guinea pigs white rats and on young pigs.
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obtained in any case. Many of the patients reported by
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occulists who ha e not the slightest idea of a mathematical
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l osteriorly so as to include a wedged shaped portion
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The treatment is often unsatisfactory and ought to be carried on
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contrasts with the respiratory difficulties. Again in a number of cases
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Seldom occurs as a distinct affection generally combined with pericar
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arj affections and of obstinate diarrhoea and dysentery. The
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hygienic surroundings amidst the greatest squalor and privation
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