still the science of bacteriology sprang into being and

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thickness thin ones predominating. The cortical bone

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tions will be correlated with whether or not the recipient is being treated

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profession toe the line because there will always be

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synthetic formation of uric acid i. e. the building

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a serpent they may go now softly now violently and at times

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John Wilfred Jenkinson was born in 1871 and came from

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be valuable in coughs and throat difficulties of persons. He says Get blood

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India for the purpose of determining their botanical relationship.

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and protruding the tongne. The right arm was completely paralysed to

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downwards and that she detected this but he thought that anyone

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functions of the heart and lung. In the last stages the animals

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the culdesac Her mind was clouded would answer questions slowly and

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made backwards from the anterior inferior spine along the upper

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tor administrative purposes into an advance section an intermediate section

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quently found in the caecum and large intestine of man. It measures from

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the sky extending from the equator to declination f 30. These stars

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care to avoid bleeding and merely acting on the bowels by gentle

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there was tympanic resonance on the left. During both stages of

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circumstances as usual soon disappeared and after enjoy

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is now normal in colour more so than he has seen it for

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respectful attention Wood Moore. On drugs. Professor

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enthusiastic worker in this direction and believes he has had

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partments and to a still greater degree to the general

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scliools. This Act was imt into operation in 137 local areas

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Its importance in India and also at Rome and Athens is well known

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icians. His fine open countenance was of classic contour express

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is no fruity odor of the breath. No zanthomata or other

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mesial to the maxillary ramus of the trigeminal nerve it passes

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To eliminate to a considerable extent the agency of these

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a strong personal interest but it will help in this

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poison in the blood. The patient must be kept warm.

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Note on the Nomenclature of Two Equine CEstrids. oc.

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the second case it is only necessary to enlarge the incision in the

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held is probably due to the fact that the condition

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