they are so familiar to everyone. Their enlargement is generally insid

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reduced to eight fluidounces and while warm mix in the reserved tinc

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to different degrees Opacities thickening exudations etc. being by

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inwards to the back of the leg. Here a counter opening was made

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One of the alms of the conference will be to direct

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muscle fibers are mingled intimately with degenerated fibers and the former

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In addition to yellow fever the Gulf States have during the

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sion makes the outlook more serious. Death may occur after tlie fintt

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also give a very erroneous record of the true temperature of the body.

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sects of the present day had been more successful iu curing

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ence of the American people is to be asked to an exten

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The abdominal incision is made of sufficient length

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of Clinical Cases Dr. Locke will deliver his Report on the

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or iodides should be given two or three days before and

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jection of the mucus lining of the fauces soon to be followed by

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view as the ferruginous preparations and of these the carbonate ol iron

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albumin. The sediment showed much normal blood with an

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furthermore failed to reveal any cases of sore throat about the dairies

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later he urinated just as often as before the operation but without

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fic gravity 1010 light color and solidifying nearly by heat

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syphon may be inserted for some days the opening being closed by a

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be put into short and scanty pasture the seton should be continued

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many elbow joint injuries knows that it is impossible

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about all that can be accomplished in the time available

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of an interesting discussion on the treatment of aneurisms of the

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ment than diminished while stupor and other cerebral

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space. By May 1 the apex beat was again visible and

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nation serum Wassermann plus cerebrospinal fluid plus globulin

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of diseases both from the standpoint of diagnosis and

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ible difference regarding its virulence could be demonstrated.

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January 15 1917 roentgen ray showed increase of the root

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produced remain free for a longer period tlian those

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developed frame twice married and the father of a large family. Had

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culosis the diagnosis should be made before deformity occurs.

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the official figures of meteorological observations

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sciousness during this state may be perceived subconsciously.

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aft ection was one which unquestionably belonged in

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maternal impression the child was otherwise healthy and well formed.

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however may be absent or far from typical and the condition so obscure

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onset was marked by a severe rigor. The temperature rose to

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connexion with the Soldiers and Sailors Families Asso

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general process of assimilation sets in tending toward a complete


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of nervous disease may be noticed from light manifestations

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when lack of confidence in oneself helps to increase

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clinical facts which are for us equivalent to as many experi

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forms of joyful song or pleasant words of banter but if sad news

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As surgical treatment projjer only one is nuMitioncd that

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experiment with castration dystokia abdominal congestion and inflamma

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that the Sarcophagid may have parasitised the Glossina in flight

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be confused it requires a different prognosis different

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firmly fastened round the neck no sealing wax metal or substance

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acids as citric aud tartaric acids are slightly caustic but

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partnerships a88istantships and locum tenenciea at pages 34

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The treponema pallidum has been found in practically all the

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does not enter as a qual of consciousness the patient

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the tracing of the family history through four genera

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syphilitic condylomata and epitheli nipulation. As the disease extends

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aged by cooling electric shocks strophanthin yohimbine

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time elapsing between the injection of atropin and the recording

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occurred eraansio mensium second those in which it has disappeared

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erroneous if only on account of the difficulty of diagnosis between

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stools. L sually these have been totally absent. The

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other cold he has a tucked up appearance and there will be a

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probably for a year or more. The scales float in the air of

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They betoken constitutional inferiority usually on a definitely hereditary

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the purely legal view and the representatives who com

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for its complement a steward and one or more acting stew

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causing maternal anxiety and a disturbance of the central ner

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