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the refraction of each principal meridian is the same throughout.
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Pasteur and has been adopted in certain anthrax regions. Hankin has
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the principles of vaccination for the smallpox was im
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angles formed by the meeting of the sides and ends should
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the vocal ligaments. These ar two remarkable cords from on
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sufficiency of the tricuspid and with the latter alone. That this pulsa
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the cause of his trouble is duodenal ulcer. The x ray in skilful
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its presence in tuberculosis makes the prognosis less uncer
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tainty resulting from a defect of equilibration which is a complex act of
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to possess the action of the volatile oil just described.
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where. Further notwithstanding the spots of disintegration in the
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the case of catarrhal nephritis may develop themselves insid
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in an atmosphere cooler than that of out doors in summer or
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Transfer by the Treasury Department to Army Medical Museum
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tensive. Chronic or long continued fever usually causes hyaline
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arians does he find among the authorities of the first rank If
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He frequently called at my house during the autumn and on each
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Erb has described a symptom group under the term syphilitic spinal
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first used in surgical operations by John Elliotson 1791 1868
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or forty five years. In his early practice no attempt
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current number of one of our periodicals there is a very interest
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labor beinc a very difficult one the history of the
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rectangular tablets or in pulverulent masses known as
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cannot be felt in two places at the same time for the mind
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Kpidemic Zymotic Diseases and How They are Communicated to Man 449
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ercised in approximating the jnesenteric borders of
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of its employment that gives practical results. Hurtful in large doses
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drops of sulphuric acid have been added. The acid aqueous
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may vary with different attacks liut. as has often been noticed the form
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lytic symptoms appear the patient remains down and dies in
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liospitals of any large proportion of the French wounded
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milder forms of malairial fever such as intermittent
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Externally fomentations or cataplasms of hyoscyamus are employed
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could protect the public from imperfectly trained women
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be expected to give useful information as to inheritance. 5.
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nected with each. This hospital has long been the great school of practical
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r.nd tedious. The material used bv me for sutures was silk
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propriation and to curtail the organization in such
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to expect in a normal person on macroscopic and microscopic exami
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enumerate all the persons to whom the writer is in
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the best shadows. The fluoroscope is not suitable for this ktnil of work.
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conditions favorable for its growth and reproduction the amebae
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so large a ercentage the disease remains local and undergoes a process of
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in mind when the social and financial status of the patient would
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in the course of rheumatic fevers. It sometimes hap ens however altliongh
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not. Vaccination may prevent one half from the contagion but
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was performed successfully. For a full consideration of this question the
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owing to the fact that a permanent tetanic contraction of these
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affected by this disease he is more liable to have it again and
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in 1886 ten species of Quercus and one Castanopsis are enumerated by
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sinks into insignificance for you are working entirely
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the brain substance adhered to it when peeled off. Three small plates
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on the indications for the operative treatment of biliary
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by the opening chapter upon the pelvis. It is considered from
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ture inoculated with the typhoid bacilli exhibits the organisms
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Bottles are in use containiug 12 to 16 ounces or 1 pint. We
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I observed that the earth was nearer on my right and
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tumeur a la region stomacale et nous montre les fonctlons digestives maintenues
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been completed by the natural efforts furrows and depressions
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known among physicians is restated that heart and arter
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It is in fact not solely to unremitting effort that
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Of special military significance is the relatively high rate of rejec
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pital to the eye of a true alienist and lover of justice
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prostates. His principle had been that although the
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It is useless to look for an active principle in the latter. C
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plakia buccalis with 80 diluted lactic acid. Schnitzler reported
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tion of the heart as to cause deficiencies of power
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of regional lymphatic glands and of the liver ascending sup
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Symptoms. Poisoning by potassium chlorate is of importance
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warme and is afcribed to haue beene deuifed hy Gallen
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inadequate provision of both means and men falls not
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horns. Infective inflammation may be either non suppurative or
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there is almost immediate mental confusion anil drowsi
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to their support that the Republic was erected on the ruins of
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half of these rejections were on account of defective teeth
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In addition to matters of food and drink the care of the teeth
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