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than would be seen in old standing cases of leprosy. The occurrence
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investigations of this group of diseases during the present fiscal year
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a good deal of gas comes up by eructation. Constipation is also a
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causation of the high death rates. Density per room operates
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typhoid bacterins. While much of the credit for this be
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solution easily penetrates and comes in contact with the whole
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In the five dogs upon which no transfusion was per
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Among the seatiaff auMt an L Direct imtatioo sucn as hot
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To the Edilnr What are the regulations of the State Board of South
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extension to the bronchioles and groups of alveoli is so gradual that the
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the upper epiphysis of the left femur at the age of eighteen
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of the Extractum Pancreatis which has been especially devised for
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also to be found in certain parts of Great Britain. Be
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the same conditions he succeeded in completely convert
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taught. Several systems of shorthand were offered. The bookkeep
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Trypanosomes taken into the alimentary canal of tsetse flies retain
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which was thus drawn to left side. These twitchings of the face
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ceding but is continued from the third or fourth feather onward
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records were filed by medical officers without a previous knowledge of the lesions
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of some oilier process. In rare ciava moduQaiy eaaeer softens and by
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tuted for the cold the limbs well rubbed hot drinks
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Nervous Symptoms of Polycythemia Vera. By Hexry A. Christiax
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and Diday s 10 per cent. solution dangerous. He advises antisep
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portance of medical jurisprudence lies in a thorough comprehension of the
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passes beyond these narrow bounds and extends to the cord itself.
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request that they would fill in the typhoid mortality
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guished by the color of the outer tunics of the bulbs.
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m.irked attention from the profession it seems to me
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stains on her thighs. Her mother remained in the room during
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Kann nun aber die jetzt verbreitete Anschauung dass die Chlo
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deserving of your indulgence than the rest for however I
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The patient a boy aged 14 was thrown violently forward from his
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central portion of the segment is indurated the whole valve subse
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wiU not be allowed to pass iu one part unless he obtains at
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incompetently treated and our medical schools and sys
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where they would necessarily occasion the most distressing
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part of the arm. The pain and swelling gradually increased
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ment at the announcement that it is said not to be economi
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Kraemer Henry The purity rubric which was introduced in the
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now has free movement is on her feet most of the day
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are no doubt useful training it would be far better to
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a faucial pillar unconnected with any specific infective disease occurs
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rolling in every direction and showing no tendency to keep
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aware of the fact that the United States census is based almost
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between muscular branches of the trunk. In these cases the normal trunk
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these larvaR are much more abundant after dry hot summers than after
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The chancre is then a pea to lentil sized dry scaling
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tients themselves were concerned. It was found that the local con
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acted upon the opinion of Mr. Herschell and his colleagues Mr.
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colonnes serrees est tris dangereuse le maximum de ce danger incombe alors aux
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occupy definite regions of the nerve the approximate composi
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a receipt to make white hair black and reduce old heads
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orchestra and of frequent incursions into the hall by
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active service and several went through the siege of
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still further than Ross. They have succeeded in not only
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needle be not exactly equiponderant that end which is a
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of about thirty pages of fresh material. It is now very complete.
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trachea and a portion of the pharynx and oesophagus for epithelioma. The
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the success of the subsequent extraction less favor
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An unusual portrait of Cardan appearing on the titlc paRC
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roundings deteired me from venturing to relieve her
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of oats and barley and the twig blight of live oak.
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forth. Of such puzzles we see striking examples. One young lady with
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shrines most of all St. Vitus whence the disease derived its name. The
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post mortem examination appear to confirm the belief that a large pro
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diabetes insipidus unaccompanied by any other disease although from its
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Lepers gradually diminished from this time onwards.
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The board of directors and the board of surgeons of the
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a minimum but still sufficient to assist the less powerful
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to the date of passing the Preliminary Examination at least four years
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radiograph obtained was particularly valuable for it called at
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the menopause she suffers from repeated metrorrhagia
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very last. Sometimes as in the mesentery of the frog the
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larly commended as a local treatment. It is also necessary to keep
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occurs. Death usually ensues under asphyxia. While re
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we shall see how the development of biology is dependent in more
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theory and gives his reasons for so believing. He considers the
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is manifestly too large Many experiences have indicated that
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commenced. A peculiar lurdly describable feeling of increased
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points out the frequent discrepancy between the severity and the character
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ered to have curative value. This has become known through
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stamp al to gydir and tak be Ius of hem and crummys of
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the air. Almost insoluble in water insoluble in alcohoL
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and ruled no encouragement need be anticipated. The cause of prosti
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Professor Simpson working at Calcutta was inoculating some

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