enable this office to comply with the demand for additional nurses

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suitable medical practitioner resident in the district is willing

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uuria aud in convalescence from acute diseases. Ferrons

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dyspepsia having never failed but the above named case

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The Outlook of Sufferers from Exophthalmic Goitre. 7

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chemical analysis showed that the ashes contained not less than oO

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in the disease syruj of iodide of iron is indicated.

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than usual. The following were the internal appearances The

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enlisted men only and show only 40 deaths. The corresponding rates

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chitis asthma convulsions and in all cases where an emetic is required.

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the stomach excited vomitings and during the greatest part

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and in the freshly enucleated eyeball in one half one fifth or

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Leptospermum anncB Stein described from specimens from Mount Apo Min

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the abdominal pains closely resemble those of appendix disease.

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mono car il tomoigno boaucoup do curiosite pour cos opera

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operator grasp the leg just below the hock and raise it from the

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lute rest in bed light catharsis rectal irrigation and application

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Dr. Barker On our control there is considerable rebound

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strument is prepared for use by first placing it in

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with contraction of the hyperplastic tissues. The lodgement of dirt etc.

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But there are exceptions to these rules in the guinea pig the avian

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large number of these embryos extracted from the body of a Filaria

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method in the arrangement of the long and short beats. It is therefore

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leeches hot bathing and atropine. I tried the sali

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semen up to the ovary consequently such women are more likely

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washed off with water before the next is applied. The

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The eosinophils were only 1 per cent. The large mononuclears and

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economy to utilise for filling such positions men who have certain

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Tlie.sc field veterinary liospilals were most favorably report

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at cure is never justifiable. The pulmonary cond tion is the important

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