matory action. The nasal mucous membrane with the underlying tur

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test vj as positive and the luetin test was negative

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anti toxin that has kept them from rotting. The intense vitality of

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provoked the most violent disturbance and was exceedingly disagree

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upon the afferent nerves a and perhaps they are also

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tion of common salt. The muriated tincture of iron one part to five

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atomizer oontaining loz. to l oz. of the following mizture

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filled and where it was not best for her she was sat

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ing reaction as the tubercle bacillus and mor hologically is practically

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altogether untrustworthy. A case illustrating this point occurred

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During April and May gross observations on changes in the

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Cheltenham General Hospital from which valuable I3ug

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The stratum lucidum had a slight brownish color. The granular layer was

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short haired form is a result of seasonal dimorphism in the hot cUmate

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Ticehurst Norman Eredc 35 Pevensey rd. St. Leonards on Sea

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tie patient must be avoided. The simplest form of restraint which

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ing with little expectoration in the earlier stages opium

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withdrawn and the matter brought up at the Council.

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in literary life. She next became a correspondent of the Indianapolis

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of students think they want to plan for a career in

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the second case it is only necessary to enlarge the incision in the

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cases is due to excess of cerebrospinal fluid in the fourth ven

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day. At no time had there been a rapid enlargement of

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to a thin translucent growth made up of conglomerated col

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report of ten interesting cases. There may be a variety of

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patches described showed a thick layer of cornified epithelium on the

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theria Behring and Wernicke tetanus Behring and Kitasato ricin

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given bj pathological writers on skin diseases is very

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second solution reserve so much as contains a sensible amount of Spirit

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The description of emphysema of the lungs given by Laennec accurate

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could sooner tell you how many lovers Hippia the eloping

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Tuberculosis Kcsoarch. It is reported that a large sum

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proved to be rabid. No paralysis or other untoward effects were

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cutaueous injection it is found tbat healthy mice of 20

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difficult to pro e without autopsy that the kidney or kidneys are

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at least of an important venous plexus covering the

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packages each having three threads amply wrapped in sterile

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retarded circulation chafing and the irritation from exposure to the air

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organ. Cancer of the tongue receives especially full consideration.

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tions the Chinese regard wood and metal as elements

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to light Stimulus convergence and accommodation. Very slight insuf

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often comes with unusual force. Micturition is followed bv a desire to

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under some pressure in order to clean it from small

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injured merely the boiler which may be repaired at a

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would still be greatly in error if his treatment stopped at the

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three on thigh about junction of middle and upper third.

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without stimulants should be given him. If he is robust three or four

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This unit was sent to Italy for service with the Italian Army. Previous

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been one of the principal factors in connection with acclimatisa

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cism 586 monasticism and ecclesiastical instruction received a consider

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affirmative 232 negative. It was decided that the motion

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transpired that whilst the brigades were removing the

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lation or metabolism. It is characterized pathologically by a

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numbers of.collaterals. They are particularly numerous

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mittee of the Inoculation Depai tmout 2 500 for the year

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effects and have proved fatal. An eighth of a grain of opium

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under the term neuroses. For example the neurasthenic class has

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explosions or sudden and violent movements of the atmosphere which

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involved. No special treatment w as prescribed only local clean

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or two sUces of bread daih cocoa occasionally. No wines tea coffee or

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Clinic an individual like this in the hope of securing

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the march of the troops in Ceylon when the Kandyana

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the vessel become more and more thickened contracting

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same source and with the same virus tlie one to show an eruption

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sudden falls or by lifting heavy weights but is most

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considered together with the unsatisfactory and variable results of treatment in

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probablj influenced by local conditions in their clinical

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are small white or purple overtopped by the bracts which after flow

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ena of consonance are audible. If these phenomena re

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which have been removed by unusual methods more especially those

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in shrubberies walks and drives for the enjoyment of the public for

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in divisions or stations of animal inspectors v ho interest themselves in

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lost. In the case of olfaction the diminished special sen

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ing more than there is room for. Bellevue Hospital is reported

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served teratic composite spermatozoa which he thinks probably have

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nothing but some thickening of pleura in patches on the left side. Dr.

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The influence of Seasons is related to the preceding. It is only in

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this has been done general supportive measures are in order. In

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no purgation appears necessary with this drug. If purgatives are

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a half months out of the twelve was referred to this

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