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Dr. Roper records in the Journal for April23rd two sets of midwifery
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When an apoplectic seizure has occurred the patient s head is to be
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Table X I. Admissions United States Army 1919 Continued.
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stance over twenty four hours. In most patients the inhalations were not
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anatomical secretory or other functional abnormality
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The three necessities of children are food exercise amuse
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ated and the ankle and Babinski phenomenon remained as before.
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The Second Epidemic. The epidemic disease influenza as all
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leg or with a crutch while the other is completely motionless
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be distinguished from stillicidium laclirymarum owing to closure of puncta
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and must and will sell them now regardless of price. Mr. Betz will
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plained of stiffness and soreness over the whole body the pupils
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pleurisy is easily made. Acute pneumonia is the only disease with which
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Please let me know if there is a cure for it and oblige
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