As a vehicle for the transmission of the germs of tuberculosis dust

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is. They date back to a time preceding the evolution

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later a needless operation may have to be completed. This was

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desirable that the medical officers of the Army stretch forth the helping

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fistula had spontaneously closed and the gastric opening after

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takes place during the first stage of digestion. About 90 of

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ism of Labor and the Treatment of Labor baaed on the Mechanism.

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in a position in which there is the lejist muscular

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taneously forehead presenting. The second presented by the breech

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Occasionally it may be found impossible to insert the tube because

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body has been present a long time there may be a delusive

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from the causes I have been discussing it is readily

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qualified persons and in the event of such legislation being

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tal but the continuous increase in the demands for special de

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These letters not to be opened until after the award is

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nerves were in a sense blocked and that not much more

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could be mistaken for adenoids. Post nasal polypi and fibroids occupying

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Block Captain William H assistant surgeon now in Baltimore

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from the commencement of the illness and then only if the

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name because it was mainly characterized by an inability to retain the fingers

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obliged to chronicle the withdrawal from immediate duties con

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attribute great importance to the corpus striatum in the matter of heat

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three or four weeks treatment which consisted mainly of a v e

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these regions for diagnostic purposes. The tj pical

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than those of the resolution and therefore he would

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in one little corner with the technical details. If

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JSurceon K Cos M.B. to the Pembroke additional for disposal bei gt

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cinal leech could not be improved upon. It is a deUcions

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is treated elsewhere in this volume and hence I shall say nothing

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an astringent metallic taste very deliqnescent reaction

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had frequent recourse to general and local bloodletting employed cups scari

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the detachment giving the number of men present for

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by which bacteria disturb the animal economy and produce

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lungs and pleura especially if hemoptysis has recently occurred nor

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the augmented intercourse with the Eastern world brought about by the

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must necessarily resolve itself into two classes medical and surgical

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phorus makes it particularly potent in this condition. There is an

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to light Stimulus convergence and accommodation. Very slight insuf

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to paralysis of the left recurrent nerve. The condition

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xxxvi 187 has undertaken a study of the pathological lesions in joints

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a study of the general symptoms of the conditions appreciable by the

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Personal History. Denies lues of which he gives no history

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The statistics of leprosy in Europe pale before the numbers affected in the

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