prostatic cases when the patient cannot get along with the catheter

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a measured quantity of milk for two or three days and can add

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pears to bo strictly sporadic. ConvalescenU from fever seem to be

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Careful study of the past diets of the special group of

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these are difficult questions to answer. We are immersed in the details

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borouch councils were available to practitioners on the

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United States Ilvgienic Laboratorv Bulletins. Nos. 3 8

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visitings in surgery gyna cology internal medicine ortlio

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tissue. The surplus of nitrogenous proteid material absorbed by the

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both were saved. An examination was then made of the bowel

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Percy says that among some prisoners taken in Austria was found a

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of the twelfth century have been exhaustively considered by Stein

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to say in this day the young woman has her inquiry constantly

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the Section of Medical Sociology. Sir Jenner Yerrall

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tion showed in the mouth some decayed milk teeth. A few

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tissues in different persons or in the same persons

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has this bacillus been looked for in the fluids injected the

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sional haemorrhage the iron of the food commonly proves to be sufficient

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and tua inches in length would give an additional surface of forty

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Western Hospital was made the subject of an inquiry by a Coro

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Ooup membrane tsrcljr spread over a Rreat extent of the gutrie

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and the new false capsule than there is between the cortical vessels

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sue in the same body is deprived of nourishment resultmg in its

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cases to the inspiration of air loaded with septic bacteria

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In 1912 however a discu.ssion took place in the Section

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the p sound is exceedingly dull and tlie amp cnsation of rrnst

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Atlantic where necessity often forced the two duties into one.

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service to his profession if he could bring together the latest and most

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or without the interposition of a towel or portion of the clothing. It

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with the strictest cleanliness is responsible for many

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a streptococcic infection certainly the tuberculous invalid whether

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She cominued well till last September when she was admitted here as

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eases. Will you kindly enlighten me as to other foods that produce red

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healthy having had tlireo fhildien. there was no history of

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xix 1902 p. 142 showed that cases where one isolated numeral was

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contagion spread about in roost or dove cot or transmitted by

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it. His search was successful and the piece which was

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feine Erfindung der Dampfbeizung feine Rofte und Ofen ufw. Zu De

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tion of greatest ease that of slight flexion. Tender ipota

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Southern Asia and cultivated in all tropical countries is

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ing which lasted for a while and then disappeared. At that time

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preceding death autopsy showing fbroid meningitis dif

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a fourth which is devoted to political science. This tripartite division

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eral line lobe and a ventral root entering the acusticum figs.

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sults have unquestionably proved this to be the more rational method.

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wards. But at the operation he emphasized the gravity of the condition

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llie diagnosis in these cases which at its best must be a fortunate

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M2 725. 1 Prepare Acetic fluid 10 sterile defibrinated sheep

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Art. 23. The medical units belonging to neutral coimtriea

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treated both in the groups that died and in those which survived. Goats

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of conferences between the Ministries of Pensions. Health and

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The navy rate in 1909 was 160. I understand that they are controlling

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point upon the surface of the candle flame A B passes through the

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pected case careful scrutiny of the whole body surface

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these deformities. It is surprising how much can be done for

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enness is a disease and that it is liable to occur periodically

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plained of stiffness and soreness over the whole body the pupils

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rally gives rise was not only not well marked but frequently absent

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hospital porters and attendants have been increased very

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mothers sisters and wives receive treatment equally skilful to that given

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their appetite but become thinner and the condition shows no tendency

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ingenious use in money and fuel of the properties that gold and

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described and particularly in those of Eenault ar t Lund.

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Course. Chronic cases may continue indefinitely with symptoms of

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fact that it could not be successful except with compara

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as a systematic resume of the existing knowledge on the subject of

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Oregon provided for free medical care at the medical

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relationship with alcohol meningitis and syphilis has been claimed in indi

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Such methods have not only been appreciated by farmers but in many

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hurtful that it is sufficiently beneficial to be recommended as

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the Bowels Connexion between Paraplegia and Disease of the Kidneys Observations

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On the morning of January 14th the temperature was 103. S and

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of renal sepsis. Extensive extravasation of urine the parts being

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clinics at others they receive litile or no assistance.

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The object which I have in view on the present occasion

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the vital processes or render their continuance for any length of

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parts cannot be maintained but at the present day many limbs are

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while they derive in one way or another from Lessing Winckelmann

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longer the discharge is of a dirty reddish brown color odor

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mental signs of immaturity and among the latter chiefly heightened sug

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sured the opinions in former published Annual Discourses nor wHl

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which Bows from the lircr through the hepatic vm baa pnnnpd thrai

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the white sclerotica alone at the same time the month is

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VI. Charcoal broken finely should also always be given them once or

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The numerous and important additions which of late years have been

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importance and place contagion in a second position. Mr.

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Is it not a duty to themselves and to other hysicians

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The result of all the factors outlined above was that the availability for

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parietal bone of the infant an incised wound traversing

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