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tuberculosis may Ik by means of forcwl nutrition and
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prognostic importance for although death very seldom ensues
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the necessity for action being taken systematically in the
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plectiform seizure accompanied by absolute coma which latter
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then fell 25 mm. There was a constant tendency towards a
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The flaps break down and disappear in the same manner and to about
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Dr. John Fanjuhar Christie a discussion on the associa
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dealing with the question of typhoid inoculation with
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Whatever be the character to which we give our attention if we
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of a hysterical child simulating Sydenham s chorea when there has been
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Garrison in the Annals of Medical Histonj 1919. which
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and the joint fair and exposition was opened with elaborate ceremonies
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all these diseases we must consider the cardiac involve
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during the last month nearly all of which have a dis
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four and often more than six years the third period is comparatively
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jaw f gt r epithelioma but unfortunately a recurrence of the disease
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brought to light by a reasonably careful post mortem
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by the editor which gives the scientific names of the
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of these relatively large amounts is uncertain. Pre
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Their remaining conclusions regarding ulcer and cancer are largely ex
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the process of careful dressing is not good pratice.
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he settled in Leipzig and took up work in the Anatomical
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grammes is an emmenagogue and larger doses produce abortion. The
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actual average of bed days as reported it will be seen
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with a narrow fistula discharging a small amount of thin
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there was nothing like it among the far more ignorant and super
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possibilities of phenol alcohol derivatives in their relation to
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tages does not warrant the employment of mercury one moment before the
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ing with the acidities of the two component ticids.
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use and one of these acetanilid is a common ingredient
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choosing wisely those forms which are best suited to the
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other matters did not escape through the wound but found a ready outlet
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longed and violent efforts as foot ball and rowing
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conjunctiva photophobia and spasm of the orbiculus palpebrarum.
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pleasant. It is stated that malaria never develops in the
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There are several allirr rarirlies of ulcerative sore mouth which dill er
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malarial fevers This much seems certain up to this date it has
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New Operation for Prolapse of the Uterus. A new operative technic
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carried by 17 votes to 12. On Clause 2 an amendment by
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until after one year and sometimes even that is too early.
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concentration died. This procedure was continued until onlj 6 dogs were left.
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discharges. The pain attending a first connection and hsemor
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Old horses are subject to deposit of calcareous matter by which the
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t onnected with the upper spinal region is also in j
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cations had brought with hini from the United States a small but especially

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