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secondary invaders were not acti e enough to produce eithei a

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ministered every three or four hours to allay peristaltic action

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difficult to cure i. e. in which to produce a permanently negative

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No.. Clinical Diagnosis Tonsillitis follicular acute

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gastro intestinal symj t ins in ellagra all ord a specific illustration.

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healthy looking fellow but always had a worried look. He entered

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account of heart disease most of them probably of the t pe called

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corrhoea. As regards its administration it effects big results in

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a proper sized speculum with a window wipe dry the part

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such an effort inevital ly entails. c incompleteness. One misses

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showing highest daily elevation based on the day of onset of the

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face. The condition was now diagnosed as luetic bone disease of

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Organisms found in the human mouth trudcS frOm the mOUth bcCOmCS

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character described has had no recurrence of the attack after his

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signs. Hiccough is sometimes severe and persistent.

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Protagon bankruptcy. It is both in liquid and crystalline

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to the spine and galvanism are recommended in some instances.

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Innumerable instances could be mentioned proving the rapid

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necessary. Thus in malaria the parasites are most readily found as the

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The various mineral waters used in the treatment of gout may be

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organ owing to reflex irritation. The bladder symptoms are apt

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of cases the lung on the opposite side w as collapsed or markedly

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tions of white and red corpuscles although this gives valuable in

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with a diminution of the number of the red blood corpuscles but

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The diagnosis is usually difficult. If the tumor within the

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crobia which tunnel their way under the corneal epithelium is

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organisms of erysipelas burns eczema lichen prurigo and

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capsicum in warm sweet milk or a little quinine or a little hot

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taken from the heart s bloofl of cases dyhig of pneumonia also

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was connected a portion of rubber tubing with a l ottIe containing

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