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But whatever obscurity may veil the etiology and pathogeny

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parts every morning in hot water. Ether half ounce to dis

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Paralytic symptoms are more characteristic of the cobra bite

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obviously useless but the patient had been anxiously waiting for

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In another class there are cysts with growths attached to their

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may be seen as isolated masses chiefly on the septum and tur

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recur. But if the paralysis be of long standing and associated with

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hours then filter. Wash with a little cold water and weigh.

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the urethra it is thrown out either in a flattened piece or in

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corpuscles of the blood since not only is syphilis apparently a common

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hospital and are referred to the laboratory for a Wassermann listed

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the body can retain in solution it becomes precipitated in various

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is constantly found in the blood of persons suffering from sleeping

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tologist and surgeon. He is in the best possible position to compare

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cific contagious disease due to the action of a specific virus

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water and swallowed enters the blood first acts as a scavenger

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methods were adopted subsequent to this in order to see what effect

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where there is a pain after urinating twenty drops three times a

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Mortality Statistics. The total mortality of approximately

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Stricture of the ished calibre of the canal. It may be so

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records of long cases that is continuing more than four years

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ated to any one drug long continued it becomes in a great

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Dunham in his article on empyema brings out the great alue of the

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prolonged fast administration of an emetic upon the same principle is

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neuritis has been demonstrated in a few cases though not of the

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Autoserum Treatment of Chorea. Brown Smith and Phillips

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on exertion and muscular weakness. There is also gradual emacia

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Thirty four years ago Lewin and Heller collected cases of

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by the application of a blister may under the above mentioned

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