health. If such were the case it would merely exhibit a slight
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often impalpable at this stage. Symptoms in these cases do not
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administration of serum alone. A similar case personally observed
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made in cases upon the physical signs as in the other series
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Strophanthus seeds deprived of their comose appendices
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this impregnation of the tissues never goes to any great extent
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two sexes equal females slightly predominating. In embryonic
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of the prostate hypertrophy contracture of the esical neck
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becomes more complicated and as a consequence the results of
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or ether and by alkaline solutions. It is sandal wood which
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especially of tuberculous peritonitis are often associated with con
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The first class of patients to be considered consists of twenty
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of waste and toxic bodies must be more complete than in most
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pneumococcus in the three series of operations have been arranged
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of the blood in cases of doubtful trichiniasis may afford a positive
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pump or by connecting it with two other larger bottles which would
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author notes the decrease of the outjjut of research Avork due to the
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ease progresses slowly the uterus with the ovaries by its side
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Dose One two three four five ten drops in pearls or glass
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Myxoma of the Heart Simulating Bronchopneumonia. By Willey H.
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Some cases can be directly traced to a general catarrhal state
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the favourable opinions at first formed and in a few years it was
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parable in potency to similar filtrates of diphtheria and tetanus
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should be specially directed to a suitable diet. As a rule fruit
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the pneumonia cases are its abundance and its striking difference
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They are certainly very rare. It would seem very probable that they
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pangs of paturition are either totally obliterated or reduced to a
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seemed to block the other part of it still advancing along the greater
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applied three times a day often cures this trouble.
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consulted me on April with the complaint that micturition
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satisfactory for since the associations are not sufficiently constant
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ejaculatory ducts with the nerves of the part morbidly sensitive
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livid blue. These patches are first seen on the legs or thighs but

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