Rheumatoid arthritis of the spine manifests itself as other forms

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patient that he may not overlook some serious condition of the heart.

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ally by absorption from mucous surfaces and perhaps the skin.

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accumulation in the liver in the heart or in the subcutaneous connective

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Externally in a pure form or in an ointment it is useful in

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The appropriate dose is about half a teaspoonful thrice daily.

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by Dr. Hector Mackenzie there were only five males.

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them may belong to one subtype of this heterogeneous group has

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Control animals inoculated intravenously with similar or larger

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infarctions and areas of haemorrhage. The Malpighian bodies are not

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tion which is called equatorial staphyloma is often associated

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later. Among the four hour cases. per cent were asphyxiated

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adult and appear about the same time as the acquired after

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Peribronchial thickening average twenty days extremes eight to fifty

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diagnosis of chronic interstitial endometritis was being made. They

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cases ends in destruction not only of the osseous tissue but also

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looped ovarian tubes. The oviducts and uterus are usually found to be

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Introduction. The operative treatment of wounds of the chest

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Phosphaturia. Although most of the urinary phosphates are

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The rule which I followed was to aspirate after twenty four hours