instinct of self preservation and the preservation of the species.

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more especially the latter. The annexed diagram is taken from

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count with some certainty on Inning no fiu ther trouble. How

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position the examining hand is withdrawn from the vagina. The

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twelve cells with sugar and globulin normal. The culture was con

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to induce sedation glycerite of kephaline tincture of oats

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effusion into the peritonaeum is very slowly absorbed and you

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though there is no evidence that bone fragments are compressing the

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for which he received two salvarsan and two mercm y injections at

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Under healthy conditions shed blood begins to clot in about

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copper the precipitate which falls will re dissolve if sugar be

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inward on them of the rounded growing mass. The hmg tissue is

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integuments dilated vessels and distended air cells. It has been noticed

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weighs two ounces and ossification has commenced at some

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are in the early months long before the gravid uterus could either

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their final stages similar symptoms of toxaemic nature.

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diagnosis by anunal experimentation or identification of the bacillus

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buried and only imperfectly controlled older conflicts.

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of tape worm or a few proglottides are passed per amnti. On the

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now begins to lose itself in the distension of the. body.

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and of resupplying enthusiasm for an experience undertaken none

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effect on the spores within seven days. A similar comparative

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as applied to human feces using antihuman ra bit serum reported very

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mode of pidmonary infection in hmnan lacings which at present is still

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red corpuscles in the general circulation. Normally of course there

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disease is founded. It has been already pointed out pp.

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quite a considerable number who never went on sick report at all.

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hollow bag or truss should be worn to prevent further protru

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That the following diseases attack the person through the

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in the lun sofcening of the tubercle and its expulsion by expec

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They should be inserted when in the recumbent posture. It

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aqueous solution slowly alters its color on exposure.

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Strictly contagious and infectious food such as milk flesh

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mouse inoculation and by the Avery tube. The results were

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family may escape the proclivity they transmit it to their male

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and no known drug or method of trestment that can stamp it

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lent lining entire anterior and lateral surfaces of left chest and

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go on without further trouble. In some few individuals however

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Much good is often derived in chronic rheumatism from such

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symptoms of weakness and prostration arising more rapidly and

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ages ranged from two to eighteen months fed on modifications of

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the bone and joint changes are associated. Any suppurating cavity

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experiments of Cornet that the disease at all events in certain

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sodium in equal parts of cologne spirits and glycerine or the

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but it also occurs in very many individuals who have no evidence

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decanted or a drop of the thickened portion can be spread upon

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