Cholera continued Its route in America Probable transmission there by emigrant ships

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The patient was seen Oct. 13 by one uf us who made the

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expelled during the operation or very shortly afterward when

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ing to a sort of solidarity by tribal federation then following the

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John A. Wyeth accounts for frequent unsatisfactory results obtained

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which the government is advised to take as a safeguard

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withstand the increased pulmonary blood pressure 5 the natural

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embryo and the adult but sometimes they are individuals of a new

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growths in exceptional cases produce such a result.

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at Camp Funston and the other at Camp Taylor. At the former

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colon vaccines and also as we have discovered lately of an anti

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In compliance with your office letter No. 1 356 of the 3rd October

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pharyn.K and may be aspirated mi.xed with blood or saliva and thus

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culous deposits in the pars petrosa are not uncommon. The

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lives at sea. Thus the enormous proportion of tubercle is striking

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might be attributed to the cumulative effect of the two poisons

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does not influence every other. This is the truth which disallows

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tressing pain. In some cases the pain in these parts is

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ances happen no doubt to every married couple the happier

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circulation is interfered with so that distension of the Jugular subclavian

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the whole body. Added to these we have a rich and melodious

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crimination from such sources as were available and subjected

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progressed well the bone was covered with firm granulations there was no pus

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reception of Koch s announcement. It is now universally conceded that

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from the two hearts by the first method have the same direc

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tificial warmth to counteract the antipyretic action and

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through destruction of the respiratory nerve cells.

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notorious quack of that town who called himself Dr. Woodruff.

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