of the expectoration and lessen the number of bacteria in it but

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adults to this affection the production of nettlerash under these

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Manaca the root bark is the part in which the medicinal

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tissue causing degeneration and inflannnation and therel gt y weaken

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wanting spiritually or materially is gratifying that it was found

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shape of red cells in many cases. Increase in average diameter

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than the second patient who was a woman. There were other

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In many affections there is not merely an absence of leucocy

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rubbed into a healthy volunteer who in the normal incubation

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gested alimentary residue susceptilile to microbial changes with

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not to be more accurately particularised which induce the disorders

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The Thoma Zeiss counter consists of a glass slide in the middle of

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occupation than the therapeutic effects of the waters.

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ounce of sulphate of quinine two ounces being injected and left

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undue liability to such affections in the chlorotic may be questioned.

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may be called upon and that underlies all compensatory effort. With

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we have investigated is without therapeutic benefit.

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tericides over locations or parts in which the microbe is domi

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the bleeding at first occurs in attacks separated by intervals of

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in per cent sodium citrate for twenty four hours then inoculated

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tempts at a radical cure of this affection are extremely hazardous.

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from pernicious anaemia by blood examination alone but it is a

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at least present no indications of imperfect development whilst the

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determine the point. Cases do rarely occur which commencing as

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rence by the presence of decayed teeth. The lower jaw is principally

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and tissues loaded with the tubercular bacilli with a very feeble

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seriously febrile puerperium although all recovered. In case of

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strictly normal thymus is rare in the human ody. Many of the

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If there be a wound a scratch an abrasion or laceration from

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cases treated in this way developed pneumonia. When signs of

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thickened adherent capsule and granular surface the contracted

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