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food factor results in better appetite can scarcely be decided at the

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of these microphytes or even by the temporary inhibition of

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beginning. The sputum even on the first day or two of the disease

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Suggestive also of a common origin of these diseases in the funda

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the sound fibers and many of the damaged ones will be preserved

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occurred and in which the roentgen rays should be employed as an

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cause the nitrate of ammonia of which it is composed increases

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and exophthalmic goitre is too well known to neetl extended com

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of five minutes each the first specimen having been discarded

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Enlarged prostate is sometimes a complication and I am in

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precursor or indication g an impairment of the sexual appetite

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are grounds for disbelieving that patients suffering from the Irritable

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Fauces and Pharynx. A nidus may be formed in this region

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of cough which continued after a pneumonia or after a bronchitis

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sary to perform section and the child was delivered by section. The

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the human eye Distoma Ringeri found chiefly in the lungs of

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attempts were made to close the fistul. e by plastic operations and in

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Ankylostoma are the most serious in Egypt. The only character

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convenient phrase that signifies a well defined group of phenomena

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part of the first sound have also occasioned difficulty. One is

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circumstances it dyes the whole body of the patient an intense

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chemical changes wrought therein through certain of its life pro

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Httle libido sexualis. Is athletic and fond of outdoor sports. Joeing

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and consequently coagulation is delayed by anything which tends to

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to treatment does suggest some underlying real distinction. It is

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two or three doses glycerine forty grammes and rum or cog

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bined or alternated with those it is a most reliable remedy in

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appeared the next day within another twelve hours death ensued

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characteristics of our forefathers. She has the means of trans

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brain work school children and worry. Has hence been re

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the general field of obstetric practice is investigated it is found that

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the brain by its action in generating more gray matter but in

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