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be inferred that there is no liklihood of the plague
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tion of common salt. The muriated tincture of iron one part to five
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I minute piece of small intestine the lower portion wbs composed of
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ments with patients for their attendance and by estab
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The forty fifth annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Asso
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Most frequently the disease is localised in one region such as the
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authorities would heartily cooperate with any movement lead
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and willing learner. Some may maruaile I multiply fo
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Idem. Sur la MidtipliccUion cles Sangsues Paris 1841.
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situation there were 31 families quarantined with 48 cases. In
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it is also a common complaint of hysterical and neurotic individuals. Pain
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The diplococcus meningitidis of Wcichselbaum was cultivated from the
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Note by Dr. McCrae. The patient looks rather emaciated skin
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speaking. A few such cases which apparently might be classed
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jphicb no doubt gave rise to the false assertion that he him
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c difficulty of breathing increase in number and frequency until
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spinal subarachnoid space. This is usually produced by an area of
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The disorders of digestion increase with the duration of the case
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nipplcmented bv a cul de sac drainage whenever there
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m a nomine M. iuillemin a quo je ne Ini ai ropondu quo
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Obstetrical Society of London could ntter these pessimistic words
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essential features to cramp in the muscles of the human leg or
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approximately as far as the inferior line of insertion of the common
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inoculation was distinctly beneficial in from 55 to 65 per
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strongly recommends this procedure in 1 the cleft palate of
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from water back to man their life cycle may be closed.
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logy and is an cx President of the American 0 hthalmo
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tions aside from these frequently involve the track the rail.
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these patients I operated twice and upon the other three
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Report of the Michigan State Board of Health for the Year 1881.
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tomical lesions are admittedly capable of production by a
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ter with a mild antiseptic solution must be resorted to. The first
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was Min. 51 instructed to act on it in the meantime and
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A species resembling in leaf characters Schefflera insularum Seem. Harms
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a rigid rest cure cannot be given. Static electricity is
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reciprocal influence that can be observed between man and man.
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mater and the cranium and may lead to all lie manifestations of intracranial
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practice of injecting saline solutions into the veins
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on the retina save by the effort of muscles to change
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of congenital heart disease to contract phthisis points out that
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