know is whether there be organic disease of the heart or vessels
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off a week or ten days after the last injection. This
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may be considered as an extreme western prolongation of the G.
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of admission through examination. Two classes of students were taking
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tion of the shoulder joint and achyllodynia receive no
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other half carried tumors which grew progressively had their
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tressing. Ammonia and morphia cautiously administered may be used.
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levelled with an emery or carborundum wheel and the
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ditch in this country and of Buchanan in England show that the disease
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liospitals of any large proportion of the French wounded
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useful if the stomach is retentive and does not re
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versally liked of all vegetables. Its healthful qualities do
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difficulty in swallowing in neurasthenics. Food in the stomach may almost
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occurred in epidemic proportions with a case fatality rate for all respiratory
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struck by the keenness of the discussions which followed.
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Spratt s address will be found on page 22 of this issue.
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disease and is on all hands recommended by practitioners of medicine as
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might contain specific toxin in solution or even the living
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Boentgen to prove their presence by irrefutable evidence. He
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decided elevation of temperature should always suggest the presence of some
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fluids be ut into the mouth they appear to choke him or thty
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vinced me of the fallacy of my first diagnosis and made
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are governed by semi medical instructions and are desirous of avoiding
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citrine ointment the resulting ointment is of a dark brown not
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the assault in a narrow vagina which would not permit connec
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This canal is widest at its commencement and narrow at its termina
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received his premedical education at St. Josephs College of Philadelphia. In
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those cases in which vaccination fails wholly to protect
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a man may enter another house or return to the original house by
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against 382 in the same period in 1893. In the City
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sponding with the inferior part of the tonsil in which
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Bilateral paralysis of the thyro have a unilateral paralysis this triangular
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the proper care of the sick have been for some years eliminated from
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spirit it readily follows that the written name or word is a
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the school is well supported and well taught. The schools are nearly
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sclerosic paralysis Duchenne Progressive muscular sclerosis Jaccoud
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breathing. Since the diaphragm plays such an important part in the
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since as bacteria are the products of overheated imaginations and toxins