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The organism has been found by agglutination in 50 per cent of
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a conjunctiva which is clinically speaking normal while
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up into the uterus for the purpose of inducing abortion. Two
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on the surface of the body with relief of the former indis.
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advantage this is better done in the forenoon two hours after breakfast
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heard to cry but was subsequently strangled accidentally by the
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movements will tend to develop the chest and trunk muscles and guard
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human life in many respects while it is bound in the organic
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come. This ingenious laryngoscope instrument shown was exhi
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shee may be neare yow and also the sight of hir may much
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but thinks thai arsenic is to be found naturally in the fat
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treatment. Neuralgia constitutes the great cause of danger from the
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somewhat flexed and the patient was unable to extend the little
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I wish to add a few words about the use of cannabis
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from a section made directly through the area of umbilication
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tisements with no profit to any one except the newspaper
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Election of Officers for l Jl 15. The following officers
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was among those touched for this complaint by Queen Anne
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tubercles because they lacked his note of tubercle
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of the tongue as many cases are preceded by leucoma or
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H. Z. German came in to dinner with a slight scratch on the
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this room who cannot construct dentures that are occluded ana
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insured in you by youth and health and fair intelligence and if you
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there are still points of great importance about which we are
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nodes in the anterior mediastinum do not cause dul
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pous growths in the nose. Such cases are infrequent
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especially after trachoma. He found the pigmentation in the epi
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an affection of adult life this we can say positively
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NORWICH CITY. Resident Medical Officer to the Isolation Hos
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to maintain an unnatural slimness. There is perhaps rather
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thousand men and that the rescue of our prisoners would be the signal
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Treatment. If seen early the wound should be either cut out or
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making and closure of vesico vaginal fistula. I do not know
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nor have the nature of their illness disclosed to their
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tion of the treatment of acute and chronic gonorrhea. Emphasis is
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The peculiarities of the case are how the larva were

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