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upon the nervous apparatus of vision in the reading of

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nucleus and the adjacent parts of the medulla oblongata and more recently

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The complications of jjregnancy which may be ascribed to

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ment by operation so often end in amputation He said

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difficulties could be tersely discussed through the

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idea of the number of organisms present is obtained. On

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held in the abducted position as intlicated by forces 1 2

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before any extreme distention of the uterus occurs I

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invasion. The pneumatic spaces become filled with pus and the dissepi

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external pressure hinder the passage of lymph and hence favor

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differ from that justly celebrated oracle who first

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occurrence of the complaint. This disease happens much

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many months of torpor by the ftimulus of warmth and moifture.

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which they occurred. This method has certain advantages since

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open an entirely new chapter in physiology and to introduce

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degeneration as in the breast and uterus or the degeneration of age.

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there are other symptoms which leave no doubt as to the condition.

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Bell Bcnj. On Hydrocele and other Diseases of the Testes 8vo Edin.

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specimens were stained in carmine and subsequently mounted

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Sections take place are immediately opposite the west

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small errors are corrected. Some ocular defects are

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between the papillse a little rather sticky white pus from

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Other treatment is of course not precluded by this method be

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During the year the personnel of this department has been engaged

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One veterinary major director of the school instructor in

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From December 1918 to October 1919 116 cases were admitted to the

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preceding case amply illustrate the proposition that an acute lung

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as the action of light upon them impairs their activity. All parts of

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in acute miliary tuberculosis as indicating a blood disease and

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secondary papular syphilis and profuse spontaneous ptyalism there was vicari

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Scarlet Fevrr. The fatal cases of scarlet fever which had been

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to an increased resistance in spite of the reduction in viscosity. All

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bioassays for mfectivity in different strains of mice

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