haps gangrenous and the membranes if still present float in a

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and ending just above the elbow it rises rather abruptly but terminates

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radius over the ulna. The eight small wrist bones are loosely con

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made his observations had apart from the puerperal state an ordinary

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to be followed in from ten to fourteen days by a course

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unit of the body to live must have its essential quantity

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and he gradually improved power increasing and the spontaneous

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by the denominator and multiply the result by the numerator

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become aifected while patients are under treatment in the

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The movement for the registration of midwives which

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ination revealed a fairly recent ulcer of the stomach covered

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the head which has developed anterior to the first visceral

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have added another coccus to the already bewildering list of microorganisms.

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blood in the organ and as far as possible to render narrower the

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For the young medical man however to consider general reading a

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on the surface of tlie stomach and gastro s lenic omentum. The thymns

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of the higher instinctive and ideational processes. Their com

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ideal cars for doctors and treat our urgency orders for spare

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phere in the frontal lobe you will notice an excavation made

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coccus which he regards as a causal factor in the disease.

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work of Pawlow and BoldyreflV is that the acid concentration of

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appear in irregular snccession. They terminate also in various

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driving them off the body again. Of course wearing breeches

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and then without disinfection to mix with crowds and

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is still in progress but I hope to publish the findings at

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sects of the present day had been more successful iu curing

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rubber band above the seat of injury. I may later on have

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be diminished absorption of cerebrospinal fluid normal production being

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primitive diaphragm. The latter is differentiated from

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of the disease a century ago and that it would absolutely

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feen in the wires of knot grafs polygonum aviculare and in thofe of

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no inconsiderable length when inducements were laid

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cies producing debilitating effects upon the system in

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lous and vesicular efflorescences other elementary lesions

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cirrhotic emphysematous or stenotic type of the affection the presence

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forcibly. If bubbles are seen in the fluid contained

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Sheep is often complicated with verminous bronchitis and generally

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fore satisfy ourselves with an inquiry as to the causal

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poorly. Many of the tubules contain hyaline cylinders and fresh

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in which salvarsan failed but strenuous mercurial ti eatment resulted

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these already have. So we shall at last attain a true metaphysics

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But like the crowds at a theatre who concentrate all their admiration


zation from a later infection of syphilis was taught.

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able resemblance to ecthyma. A striking similarity to the large flat pus

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There ia no way of telling fertility in egga without

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Committee on Teachers Course Professors Kiehle Benton Jones West Wells.

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the leura would probably have prevented the intrapleural

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calls to pass water. He worries about his condition

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trachea and bronchi being much affected. Swelling of eyelids with eyes

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or sodium citrate. If constipation exists I give in

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