a day. The mouth was entirely well in a week and she
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one of which is hook shaped and fenestrated near the end and
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in the interior of the red blood discs minute organ
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pneumonia. The temperature remained normal after the
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before any extreme distention of the uterus occurs I
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forward. Therefore physiology is not merely limited to the methods
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since as bacteria are the products of overheated imaginations and toxins
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of Iron may subside. Then having poured off the supernatant liquor
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can be dealt vsdth per vias naturales e. g. epithelioma
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stant it is probable that when enlarged they have been
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weed are said to be emetic in decoction. They have effected cures in
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that they are not always effective in this regard. The
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contact with their neighbours their clothing bedding etc.
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The Present Status of the Treatment of Ilay Fever and Asthma. By
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amination was made with the speculum and a cellular polypus about two
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stoppered glass bottles in a cool place. It is applied by spreading it
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position amongst the liberal arts but only as an appendage to clerical
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incorporated in a paper which has since become a celebrated docu
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whose decease soon after he succeeded to the i ractice
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suprarenal is sufficient to obtain a maximal effect upon
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discharged until the afternoon of the following day. The fluid measured fifty
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growing mad as it may seem. We have learned for example to
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muscles. With the muscular involvement the corresponding jerks became
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the leg and causes the appearance of pes equinus. The patient then
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three months. Similarly the rabbits used for other exferi
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Acute Traumatic Endocarditis. The case just reported is
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secretary I was especially pleased to come in view of the fact
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for ns aoon as the musctcH of the oesophagm arc inflamed or infiltntcd
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plague as a thing of the past and at no previous time
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ing left in the hands of the State Board of Health.
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beings and seem to be easily disturbed when biting. They are notice
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Summer Session at one or more recognized Hospital or Hos jitals.
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mansions are incompetent or inattentive to those household
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he circulated was a photograph of a hand purporting to have

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