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All the disorders of speech which depend upon defective

for which disorder is phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered

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neck intended for those cases of a neurotic origin where the

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etc. and perhaps the reverse has been experienced as often.

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at least of an important venous plexus covering the

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One fourth terminated fatally or were maimed for the rest of their

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Tlis radial pulse could not be felt. He answered questions slowly

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while toxoid in this respect equals toxin proper. Both toxoid and

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from St. Nazaire April 14 1919 on the Princess Matoilca arriving at Newport

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by placing the prism before the blind eye either base up or base

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glands but also because the case does not seem to be one of

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said to have had a shotlike feel. The intervening lung tissue was boggy.

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first place it is necessary to assume that in one nerve they travelled

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no student will be permitted to enter the fourth year class who has

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its intrinsic pathologic importance. The whole work exhibits the highest

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that they were produced by pressure from the neighboring

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complete and impressive demonstration in medical history of the ac

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of the center together with the center laboratory officer who as described

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effect which it has upon the osseous system. The long bones of

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considerable distance a piece of fine sponge of the

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stem winged tough flexible glabrous. The leaves when

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action of certain toxic products at this fatal juncture and

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those from any cause of acute obstruction. In cases of grave

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medical school and those connected with it as by the general public

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cough such as fumigating lamps sulphur candles syrup of chestnut

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of an embryo a few months old to intrauterine movements

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Professor Simpson working at Calcutta was inoculating some

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as obstetricians and Prof. Verrier will cast no blot upon it.

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in the treatment of this class of cases in hospital and

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valuable ally of any health department. Now more than

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form the diagnosis may be made by the bacteriological examination of the

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Neurotic Vomiting Obstetricians have long cherished

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tubercule genital chez le foetus buuiain dans les deux sexes

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Diagnosis Obesity hypertension myocardial insufficiency

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but from some cause the committee never reported. It was easier to

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Kaufman George Earl Heinrich Rasch Ten Kate Kuardabassi and E. G.

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driven away by the movement of the hand. When caught it

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tjy fif Haec efficta videntur ex principio cap. 51. ejusdem epistolae

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his present state to pursue only the expectant plan of treatment.

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fevers. I wish to say besides that these same malarial

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to a temperature change that is characteristic of it during its most

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early or inflammatory stage of pleural effusion and conse

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