was restless and vomited. The temperature was 102 the pulse

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the various cases. Although the book is well written it adds

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scope of this Dictionary. In the U portion there are

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substance by a sarcoma. The gross appearance is significant. The

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upon his reparative powers and good food well assimilated. These

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strument he should as it were be able to carry on a

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the substance of the uterus and by proper suturing leave the

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the teeth at various ages. A special cabinet with means for illu

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demic form in December 1919. In the Philippine Islands for the

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be able to call a Special Representative Meeting instead

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three times as great as it was thirty one years ago.

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or otherwise that billeting is likely in bis district be

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It is also possible that in the development of the so called alcoholic

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istration of urea is allowable only in mild cases of

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officer helped him out of the ambulance at the por

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thickening of the wall of the heart is not caused by hyper

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known as milk of bismuth makes a very satisfactory form in which

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tion plans concentration of supplies in a fixed area to insure distri

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and also so near the large vessels that they are out

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Physical Signs. Inspection is negative palpation may reveal the pres

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labor pains come on cut the stitches out and give her assistance

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valuable facta ascertained. In diabetes mellitus the

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In some cases where there is a very slight rupture which is

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and uncontrollable diarrhoea. Three of the relapses were con

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the best examiners in the College of Surgeons was a thoroughly edu

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vertebrae and this began to grow rapidly at twenty six years after

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that it may rear into the air. The muscles of the back and

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be guided by means of it in any direction with more precision andJ

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muscle quiver contract alternately convulse or become tetanic. The

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degree as in the case of smooth muscle. In the third place

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where no lime is used would amount to a large percentage in

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meter being used and the source of illumination being a

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ment Hospitals but by comparison with former years

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and 25 for walking the hospital Charles. Surgical teaching in Edinburgh

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has written a little poem in which he pictures two old

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in the evening at the edge of woods where they bite frequently.

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xVt Aberdeen the commencement of term on October 15th

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Sir Arthur Keith on the subject of The differentiation of

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without success. The bakery at Fort Yellowstone was reported

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