ing which lasted for a while and then disappeared. At that time
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were also filled with cells in the undigested specimen.
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No wonder the doctor should consider this disease incurable.
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Maternity and thai it L8 to be located in the upper
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me. I loved German and the lofty style of thought and composition
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docks acting as hostess assisted by Mrs. Blakely and Joly.
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given every fifteen minutes till a drachm had been taken
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from a cutarrhal affection of the nasal passages. A tickling sensa
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Occurrence. Traumatic pericarditis is one of the most
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a comfortable support upon which the patient reclines. At either
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We have seen operator after operator working in simple pus
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usque ad 4 cm. longis erectis flexuosis dense foliosis breviter et vage
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of the facts which occurred in 5091 cases of delivery.
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ihe diy state and very finely pulverized it should first be moistened
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the eye. The incubation period was seven days. Virus passed through
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that one sometimes detects marked enlargement of the lymphatic
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taste. On steep coasts the breeding places are therefore near the
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instance sterilization of foods clothing etc. not to be found in
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vote of sympathy v.ith Mrs. Keay on the recent death of
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Remarks. As any of the tissues wherever nutrition is in progress are
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sis is nflell second. irv to the lleMon of i
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when one section is made the periosteum separator turned a little
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of Plotnewood Avenue was formally declan d open for public ser
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an ample supply of materials to allow of such selections. Add to
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Annex a somewhat larger proportion of the cases were ex
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spinal affections. The picture of the family or hered
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incidents which occurred during his tour of duty. The hospital was located
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Symptoms. Depending upon whether it is acute or chronic
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and size of the tents and number of men occupying each
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haa been bitten by a rabid dog and unless he suffers from something
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very striking after one seance The 50 cases received in all 99 irradiations
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Treatment. No treatment is possible. The essential point is to
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supra clavicular fossae may become deepened at the same time.
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oue class of asthma that connected with a dirtj tongue.
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water unless previously boiled. Errors in diet should be avoided. As the
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M. D. Professor of Gynecology in the Post Graduate Medical
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Meetings of State H ational and International Medical Societies.
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be made from one to three inches in length as the thickness
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tration. Here they form the body of the primary tumor and
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common mortals nor forget that motherhood is rather more important
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surface of the brain consequently there was danger that the operation might
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prodigiosus when introduced either by means of a pipette or by the
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very valuable work of Dr. Samuel George Morton of Phila
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pulmonary tuberculosis vide p. 305. In one of the hospitals in Lille
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ensure that the acts of combining the necessary elements
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the subject against the State it is comparatively careless.
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with purple Spots was cured with Absorbents opium laxatives amp
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excluded from the field of scientific investigation but for the reason
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uncles and aunts. The conclusion is drawn that the diathesis of pulmonary
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Wells. The condition was a rare one and should be regarded as a
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ing. At its termination Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson proposed a vote of
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we have a ready means of ascertaining to which metal the gas
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is recognised by the eye and nose detecting an opening in the
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one upon which there is very general agreement Very large effusions
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children the heart may beat for some time although respiration
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uuria aud in convalescence from acute diseases. Ferrons
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tractile tissue the arm far from increasing in strength was paretic
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experience of mec and things that very inexperience which
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pin was irregularly encrusted with calcareous matter. Abscesses
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disease hydrophobia in man by tho Ministry of Health.
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nant and was now two weeks before term. During the period of
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to think of an exacerbation in the course of a chronic glomerulotubular
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quarries in the District of Columbia the process of shaping and
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full of brandy constitutes a dose. The quantity to be repeated
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closure of the vesico vaginal fistula. The patient made good
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some cases not more than 10 grains have been employed
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finding of the trypanosomes on several occasions by five
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regard to the principles of digestion and assimilation. For this reason the author
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TrichintE. Most frequently each unilocular cyst only contains one
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to the membrana fenestrata which belongs to the intima. At
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accompanied it but it will finally return to its old home.
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patient is not likely lo do either of these things.
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prevent a relapse in a reasonable time. It has been
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A Contribution to the Epidemiology of Lobar Pneumonia. Sillmann
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connexion with a course of lectures and laboratory work
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extract lead phloriazin caffein diuretin phosphorus arsenic
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to a direct extraction apparatus and exhausted with pretroleum ether
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and nlidominal aorlo. Hiese attacks must not be attribuli d to hjrpre
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The false membranes are generally but slightly adherent and are
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protection afforded by these inoculations is neither certain nor lasting
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ing with little expectoration in the earlier stages opium
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and if the physician recommends simply the cleansing
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Also from the viewpoint of equipment the laboratories of the American
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