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has been niggardly and short sighted. Every section of

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obviating accident due to an involuntary movement of the patient. The

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It must be remembered that the medium is a difficult one to

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Also from the viewpoint of equipment the laboratories of the American

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CIATION Dispenser and Assistant to Medical Officer. Applications with

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to that many celled invasion of the aveolar walls and interalveolar

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possibility of spontaneous cure lies in the success

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ciples contained in them and the testing of chemical

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expressed by firmly pressing over the black spot which

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from England and France. English Rhubarb is obtained from the roots of

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Three forts things vegetable elementary amp fenfible. The vc

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It is increased in all wasting diseases as carcinoma and whenever any

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et en particulier dans la Scrofule et la Phthisie pulmonaire

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II may be thought that although the pathology of the disease has

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My acquaintance with Leland Stanford covered a period of more than

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ago had several gangs that practised a kind of phallic worship.

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tioDB cicatricial atrophy of the vagina and cervix

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determining positively that the case in question had

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man existence which the law of France required for establish

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even if carefully used they are liable to inilato the roctittiL Where

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doctors in this country the midwife is superfluous. If

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Transactions of the American Climatological Associ

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cases the coldness of face hands etc. is in contrast with the high

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order to see how much reliance can be placed on the pa

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rather than varieties. Thus when the lesions are pin head in size the

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was practically cured by antiluetic treatment and has been

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bat in arranging them in that order of relation and

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over since the majority of cases with abscess symptoms give at least i

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weed are said to be emetic in decoction. They have effected cures in

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The Trichinas are swallowed in imperfectly cooked pork or raw sausages

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use of bitters the mechanism of their action is prac

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metrical parts more work is done than when they follow

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upper and outer surfaces of the first rib to the axilla or

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September 18th aged forty five years. He graduated from

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patients and the mentally ill a new facility permitted

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in cells does not prove that the discharge is a gonorrhoea their

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tremity the hip the knee etc. and the attacks come nearer together

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Yohimbine exerts a stimulating action on the mood and may increase

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extend to different parts of the body through the lymphatic system.

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destroyed and for the sake of clearness the capsules in this case were

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for preliminary crushing and in seyeral of these I should now

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subject of digestion an lt l is mentioned in its appropriate place.

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practice carried on by conceited jackanapes to prove

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Very little result followed. The thymus enlarged after

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vegetating in any way. As the Pneumomycoses are more especially

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usual body motion but the feet all shortened fail their part

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covered with dry earth at the time of deposit and removed

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to this primitive precursor the men of Krapina being intermediate

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Martha Lusty aged 61 in which it appeared that the deceased had

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investigate the conditions at dairy farms. With the investigation

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upon wind instruments. In this case now before us we

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hyperpyrexia is almost unknown in children and the reality of a rheu

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the legislature to introduce the necessary reforms bu

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structure of the glomerulus and in which are reproduced a

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diseases occur in debilitated constitutions about the period of puberty

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ting through the end of column of cells the whole sur

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are calling attention to the remarkable manner in which

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delphia where he wa.s graduated from the medical department of the

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directly from the skin. The cavity above the tragus

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These cases are therefore of little import as regards our theme

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kept healthy and earache or running ear properly treated early.

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good reading in it. I have been a subscriber since you first started

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BoTJEDON Ame. Description anatomique des parties du Corps

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passed through a solution of pyrogallol in caustic potash concentrated sulphuric

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shall have obtained such Letters Testimonial under a Seal purporting to the disso

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tors were led to strongly suspect this species of out door fly.

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alexia inability to read without disturbance of the

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stem winged tough flexible glabrous. The leaves when

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The fact that an eighth edition of Dr. Hammond s work has been

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purulent nasal discharge which is sometimes mixed with blood one

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It is also very effective as a local anesthetic for general use

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BOTASUGAL CHABACTERS. Annaal 1 2 feet high with a branchmg stem leaves

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perfect athletes often yield easily to purges. Men who are

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alkalinity and decolorize it consequently each cubic centimetre

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defined position as a fairly clear cut clinical group whether or

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annual allowance not exceeding in any case two thirds of his salary.

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