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even at present being by no means in accord. The older

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watching of the urine in pregnancy or the sterilizing of instru

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Essential of Refraction and the Diseases of the Eye.

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asylums. Indeed the strong objection urged against the creation of a

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titioner who first sees the case. Between these two

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is left is to be dissected away this being the frame

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pearance. The condition of the picture depends much upon the slowness

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vigorously. The reserve power of the heart is enormous and

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You will notice that the child has a short neck owing

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cruelty of it was that after sufferers from tuberculosis had been

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science in time as between 400 A. D. when the ancients ceased to

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is somewhat inclined to favor the use of univalent sera for the several

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ation prior to becoming a warrior lives in solitude

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hispidus chiriqvensis were found to be susceptible to infection

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of the refraction originated with Cuignet 1873 but he

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Clinical Center Multi Disciplinary Committee activity continues to develop

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and shoulders and the catamenia suddenly return the disease is generally re

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from a very small number of necropsies performed at the base hospital.

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electrical changes. New growths pressing upon or involving the nerve trunks

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the masses of egg laid around tliem. The eggs are sometimes laid in

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wants 8100.000 for attending Francis Wheeler of Chicago who

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diameters under which he would resort to this procedure

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vidual Indo European languages hitherto published both in fullness

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amount of iron is constantly being excreted from the

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be stitched up in a woman of child bearing age. Of course he

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affinities. Tests in vivo viz. in guineapigs and rab

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