sedative. Though the sea was on one side to the south
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string was found hanging free in a much narrowed pyloric limien.
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cough and says he has had it six months you will seek
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lieve that in man there is any decussation in the spinal
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some cases it was difficult to say whether the embryos found should be
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Ihej have great c gt n amp leoee in mur Gof mtneat
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vious illness etc. but who are temperate and free from
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beliefs and the practice of this peculiar form of in
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is a compromise by which we secure a certain convenience of de
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of its eggs on meat especially on fat at the butchery Coonoor. Lucilia
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erysipelas 9 typhoid fever 30 wl ping cough 10 mean
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great variety of symptoms which in consequence in their
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ptumhittg which experience has sanctioned and have it adequate for
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question of the pathology of glaucoma at which it is worth while to
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Anterior horn cells vary in diameter in human beings
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ence to the pressure readings this accords with evidence
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may be very deceitful in its latency but which is in
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larva is redaceous in.Uislralia. bul the fad tliat where it exists
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probably on the varying intensity of one causal agent and the varying
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From his admission into the hospital till his death which took place five
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in the fungi. As a rule those protoplasts seem to be resistant to
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are washed out with acidified water which do not give a blue color
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experiments merely a decrease in the clearness of the staining
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few years to make a close study of this group of medicines. I
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ney is found under two conditions 1 where acute nephritis has passed
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no reason to regret it. His experience had been that
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others were from cases of coma uremia etc. In addition to those
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graduating class was delivered by Dr. Roswell Park
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ornament of the school was Johannes Jacobus. The predilection for the
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mixed together the product is always less than the sum of the
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the wool test and in the lantern test were referred for
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positive Hamburger s stick reaction. 20 children gave no reaction with
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trable Dental Qualification will be required before admission to re examination to
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secondary and cottage hospitals and be made to work
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The fever is remittent. There may be repeated attacks.
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directly connected with the armies but engaged on problems of research
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allowed many interesting facts could be quoted regarding chronic
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of five typical cases of chlorotic ansmia with dia
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CjoHoo always so far has possessed a slight optical rotation and this
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among negroes with straight or curly hair. In these
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Suspension of the Rectum for the Care of Intractable Prolapse
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wall does not bleed. The wound in the kidney is united to the
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be guided by means of it in any direction with more precision andJ
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greatest extent compatible with good digestion of the
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Modern Drama and Literature. But I felt that clearing of the
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of the sacrum reaches its maximum in the white race especially
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the treatment of syphilis 346 red clover 246 woman and the
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than that of our ancestors and this tendency to unsoundness is
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of all active persistent and radical efforts should be made toward
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testine as it is when ilu Imwil is punctured for the
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per cent. lymphocytes 25 per cent. large round cells and polymorpho
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Horse and in Algeria the Camel. It is believed that
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Kronecker Professor of Physiology in the University of Berne and Dr.
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tose in which condition he was brought to the Surgery the pupils
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quoted schools are being examined and everything that

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