of water which this cube holds is recognized as the unit of

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and may even be betrayed by an emphysematous extravasation

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esi gt rit de corps which knits hospital life together and

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sort of compression will accomplish and I think it might

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the left ear are now well dilated. See Protocol V.

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which were extremely pr.ne to undergo septic infection

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of alcoholic polyneuritis are coifimorily mistaken for

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cases that I have been able to find in the literature.

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by the prodigality of a military life and by the pre

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stitutional disorder. The primary cause may be a puncture of the mucous

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tion to these valuable and interesting observations

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maintenance of a Hospital for Consumptives in that city. The cost

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reflexes subsequently the reflexes which pass through the segments lower

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for nephritic patients to be limited to salt free diets ia

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chief and often the only symptom is pain on movement.

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In the fu st stage he instituted by various methods a continuous

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better emptied. A portion of the redundant cyst wall

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These cases are those in which the total acidity rose rapidly and

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Health Education and Welfare. The legal authority however has

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flammation thus may be found simultaneously in the same lung.

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and published in the Association s Journal we abstract the

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that when left the patient wonid unscrew the instruments and he complained

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third inch. His tonsils and pharynx we were unable to examine.

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to the hospital. Since labor she had noticed an abdominal

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confident expectation that a specific for tuberculosis

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Case 7. Is 26 vears of age has discharge from left ear for

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consolidations irregularly scattered throughout one or more lobes. The bron

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ness congested conjunctiva hot horns and ears and drowsiness

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Brighton would be prejudicial to the efficiency of the

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of movement for at least some hours after the first

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had her first attack of coldness and blueness with pain affecting one

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the Medical Council will not be ultimately successful. The profession

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from local irritation of the upper respiratory passages.

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admission to the Army Nurse Corps. During the same period there

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Cher intermediate section. At that time the entire infirmary was housed

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leave less and less time for the shop. Two classes of students

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For the specialist the splendid bibliography added to the work will be

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right pleura and peritoneum followed the division of the duct by a

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India for the purpose of determining their botanical relationship.

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The electromagnetic isotope separators the Calutrons at Oak Ridge which have long been

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number were thrown off caused 267 injuries. In 170 instances

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tunities. It is quite certain that persons of ample means

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Contusions and concussion injuries black eye. Such may be

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disease had sadly broken bis voice perverting it into a loud

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ter still reflux when he wishes to indicate the pas

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The following table shows the mortality at St. Thomas s

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mean that three standards only had been substituted for the nineteen

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enlarged provision for the State Department of Health

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to the therapeutist because it is the region of objective im

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common salt or otherwise be induced to drink freely of water

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If we go further and suppose with some writers who have devoted

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feverish since the onset. There was no history of previous similar

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reported at a later date. When cholera broke out among

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appears never to have been seen by Hain Copinger Brunet Jourdan

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David Little is of the opinion that iridectomy should

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reason that miliary tubercles of the lungs stand in no direct

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the sweat begins to pour out in large volumes and this should be

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cated by secondary infection invohing suppuration adenitis abscess

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with complete absence of lung involvement in many instances and the sudden

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physical symptoms render it difficult to distinguish this process

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attack to 4 or even 10 parts per 1000. The density of

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It may develop at the outset pleuro typhoid or slowly during convales

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His school education was obtained at the gymnasia of Kiel and Hamburg and

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rates OxaUc Acid. He has found the solution of the protonitrate as

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