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not available and partly owing to request made by commanding

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and which are not amenable to surgical treatment Though the

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the head does not immediately enter the socket the knee should be alternately

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Acute yellow atrophy of the liver appears occasionally in

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Academical Dissertations amp c. which it contains.

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have served to tie them up and cleaning the different objects against

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cialties in a number of previously most intractable affections from

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the thymus has been found greatly enlarged and death has been thought

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structural and other lesions j of their origin 1519

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interests of the community and that any curtailment of

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Fhroat Dseise Caused by the Misuse ol the Voice N. J.

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former may be enumerated as uneven and fitful appetite disordered

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of development. The hypertrophy of the prickle ell layer shows that

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Dr. Reddy has resigned from the position of attending physician to

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amount of thought has been directed to the ductless

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further that two free incisions of the drum head made at dift erent

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of Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases of Man and Animals. By Georqe

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Italy gave an account of tho administrative methods

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ates mild laxatives as salines castor oil solution of

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dose or is very slightly affected by it in comparison with the deadly

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patient is emphasized. The total lecture schedule encompasses

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The deaths from all causes represented an annual rate of mortality of

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you must find the causes which usually bring it forth. And you

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vary within very wide limits and within very short periods. In more

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t he c apillary vcnous pressure rises in the eye and that of

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ber of deaths reported to the board of health for the

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towards and finally enter this plaque. We have not actually seen

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The general advantages of anaesthetics both to the patient and

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tropical type is appended the editor s parenthetical note Both

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ing ifor weeks or months. As an attack does not produce

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felt constantly outraged at the wantonness of the sacrifice.

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valuable cathartic and alterative. In doses of from one to five grains

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but the conditions under which it does so remain as

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and disagreeable northers of the Sacramento Valley affect

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and uncontrollable diarrhoea. Three of the relapses were con

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service at the United States Army General Hospital No.

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absent or is considerably malformed examples of occlusion can be arranged

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Samuel West pointed out that a very considerable number of those who

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