m sufficient size to distend the abdominal cavity or at least make a

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of colonies of the Klebs Loffler bacillns. This when

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appearance of an individual by reason of the pale lemon

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has appeared by the fifth day. The blood contains besides the bacilli a

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currents for practical purposes have the effect of a continuous current

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on a spree whenever in port. Two years ago he quit drinking

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The poor should not be excluded but they must show the true

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of potassium for the relief of the retinal troubles

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destruction. This is not of so much moment where the cultivations are

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thetic coupled with the highest skill in its administration

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first session beginning at 2 p. m. vifill be devoted to

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medical reporter that there is little cause fdr hesitation m

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through the loss of bone and lack of growth has amounted to as

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trigemintts and its ganglion as representing a fusion of three

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mineral matter of the soils others exert their activity on the organic

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tion of the extracts causes a quickening of the heart rate

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There baa therefore been a marked reduction in the rate of

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this is not the case and confusion between early tuberculosis

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ena of consonance are audible. If these phenomena re

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The catheter should be changed once each week and permanently

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cranial cavity in company with and in close relation to purely cranial

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at the point of flexion there appeared to be a foreign body in

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pensatory changes. Coexistent lesions of the mitral valves tend early to dis

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he succeeded his predecessor the Rugby School doctor as medical

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intelligent state of this union the state of Massachusetts contrib

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of the remarkable successes of well known operators

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their appearance at much lower altitudes than is the

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hyperchlorhydria. Thus we know that an excessive acid secretion inter

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the eye muscle or brain centre would account for the loss of

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The lungs at necropsy showed massive air free consolidations without any

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personnel to be stationed behind the army. While the battle lasted the

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achieve only mediocre results in its pursuit. To be

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or just before death the niunnur l econies indistinct. A presystolic mur

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whether they do so partially or completeh slowly or rapidly

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was no albuminuria. The delirium subsided in twenty four hours. The

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Snakes are divided into two groups the non venomous and the venom

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suffered almost to collapse. I have to report as inspector that

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been divided longitudinally to show how complete has been the

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gelatinous appearance of a black or dark brown colour.

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per rectum with salt and whiskey a.s much as could be

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the beginning in these cases. One case began three or

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negative except for atrophy of bones near the joints due to disuse.

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but do not tie them yet. Make a horseshoe shaped incision arrest

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others and this departure from the normal course is liable thru

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This followed his establishing a hospital in November 1912 for

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determining prick pain without jeopardizing the results by

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diately ensuing your transgression Your eyes shall be

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and biting any living thing lie meets or tearing some object to

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wasting is not sufficiently marked to attract attention but probably

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tumor to deal with when these cysts occur about the face. After

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vaccination was practised. In passing this might lend further proof that

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First The area to be served by a health organization should be a

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was by these means infected with a goodly number of larvae. In

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actual epidemic with more than two patients at a time

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rule. This was demonstrated physically by the frequency of

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with one s fellow students which is not the least of tho

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begin to subside afterward three times daily. Intrarectal

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discontinued when house infestation became general. In the region

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to cold. Thus as might be expected the complaint is commoner in winter

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the splenic follicles were prominent a light yellowish gray and about twice

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Rutherford H. R. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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the inhalers I have seen and used an estimated dose is

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better emptied. A portion of the redundant cyst wall

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ease is one that I have had considerable experience

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continue to sleep even as long as three quarters of an

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Fourthly that this grave and fatal disease and the symptoms by

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does not occur from mere destruction of any particular part of the

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benefit of London and consequentlie of all England the like whereof is

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hibition the visible sign of which is the flaccid dia

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the Paris Societe de Therapeutique February 23d Dr.

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this ofTice the experiment was begun at two of the Army general

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the uterine muscular fibres which surround them. Third these vessels

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fcr the preservation of health and the prevention of disease.

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very soon in 20 from three to thirty minutes in 40

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