more rapid but as a rule there is only marked acceleration in the
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suspected of being tuberculosis. The cases were studied primarily
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had borne many children. One foiuth of the mothers had a con
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severe are in the great majority of cases of a temporary and
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nosology. This is denoted by the alternative term applied to it
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volume and of the total hemoglobin one was able to construct
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One wineglassful is equal to one drachm of the leaves.
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in labor to induce stronger more active uterine contractions A
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Panophthalmitis occurred once epidid Tnitis times hydrocephalus
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noticed blood in his sputum. He therefore dates his present illness
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mixed in thoroughly. Each of the two parts was next mixed Atith its
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and which was regarded as a hematoma. It increased rapidly in size
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the child into the brim of the pelvis and to cause moulding sometime
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bibliography which refers especially to the plastic work done since
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leucorrheal discharge is often mistaken for some other affection.
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values for fatty acids and for neutral fat were higher. With rachitic
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the author feels that he prevents the development of pulmonary
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and if the microbe could be detected in the stools the diagnosis
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between eosinophils and intestinal secretion and that possibly these
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the incision apart. If the muscle be freed just sufficiently the tnucous
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in a minority of cases. The deformities are usually exaggerations
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mesenteric lymphoid structures are markedly enlarged in influenza
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applied per vagina I will say that I have repeatedly observed the
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men employed in the construction of the St. Gothard tunnel as well
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rial l eing aspirated into the lungs where it becomes implanted and
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with extensive lobular involvement the result with the lobular
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A very small quantity of the tincture added to a jelly pre
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Chlorine Water tious and contagious diseases should never
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so far discovered that will positively destroy the germ the factor
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add ozone ointment eighty five parts apply twice daily.
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frequently occurs and in such cardiac tonics may be called for.
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There is reason to believe thrt the general observations have an
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symptoms in the history of their present illness which was very
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a brief review of the hterature. He points out the great importance
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never been decisive enough to warrant practical application. Naka

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