five days death taking place partly from suffocation partly from
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of one or more joints was even more striking. It was rarely seen
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packed closely a whitish brain like opacity is imparted to the
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menstruation neuralgia dragging in the back and every morbid
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or splenic flexures or the colon or the transverse mesocolon
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self by exertion of an unusual kind. This stiff strained feeling
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treatment in the first as compared with the second and third series
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cocci morphologically and culturally were isolated. All these
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ined there are found tube casts usually containing blood corpus
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diabete bronze as a distinct disease but the correctness of this view
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substance present. The degree of mental impairment varies
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the chest in the cases of simple influenza were often entirel lacking
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painful stiff and swollen notwithstanding the fact that the remedy
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exposures has no influence upon the progress of the macroscopic ana
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and that is so called splenic ancemia. The precise nature of this
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The symptoms produced by syphilitic disease of the trachea
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they are placed horizontally in a box and left for some time in
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seminal and prostatic discharges the result of their violation of
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apparently cured of the empyema and have left the empyema ward
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Some of these cases reported by these authors gave clear sterile
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hilated in the blood and tissues it will excrete ptomaines a chemi
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Food and the Intestinal Flora. There are times when the
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monia involving the right upper and lower lobes with a marked
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degenerative stage of Bright s disease whereas the larger ca ts
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I atient had to be kept under constantly repeated doses of morphin.
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most extraordinary efforts of mental and physical tension.
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at the Royal Naval Ilosp tal Ilaslar England and Ijy Strouse and
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It will readily be seen that I attach great importance to the act
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Blood Cultikes. The blood cultures ga e little information.
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The appearance presented by the subject of pernicious anaemia is
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smaller cysts. In the case of other human Cestodes the parasite is
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tuberculosis and were at once rejected. Some were cases of exoph
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in each of the latter cases. In case the pneumococcus on being
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that they give rise to much discomfort and on the whole they
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patients should be brought into rooms which contain some aro
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The sulphate of sparteine is most effective administered hypo
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erysipelas diabetes malarial fever etc. it is of signal efficacy in
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quire especial mention i varicose veins chronic eczema
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remain in a supported position. The serosa is then brought together
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greatest extent both as for himself and for his patient. It is a
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scopically is found to consist of granular debris. But no or very
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Lactic Acid forms of dyspepsia and for the removal of