paroxysms of the disease which often runs a remittent course.

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extensive involvement of the pelvis of the kidney and ureter

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bed ten days with a catheter in bladder permit no straining

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direct treatment for the actual state of the ulcer. As a rule

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pensed by an endowed clinic would not bring either a large number

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are so retentive of their vitality I think it is quite obvious that

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in a given amount of urine either by any method of analysis or

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Hospital Pathologist to The Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest.

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consciousness though the patient appears more or less drowsy. A

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papilloma bacterium porri are readily got rid of by the inter

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ruptcy to depravity eccentricities suicidal mania crime mastur

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the administration of minims of tlie tincture the other had

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the pleura and bronchus. The layers of the abscesses consisted of

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mosis the tubercle consolidates itself and if the defective nutri

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small amoimt of growth from a culture of tubercle l acillus which was

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tion consists of papules yith yellow tops and red edges which vary

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uteri becomes closed by a soft gelatinous substance and the

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a case of nervous syphilis it cannot be cured at all. But the

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recently argillaceous formations and that the districts having the

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in the newl orn by making a careful anahsis of the cases which

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are to be found among these though whether they are wholly

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pura scurvy pyaemia typhus small pox etc. Results from a

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made that the coagulation of blood is in reality the formation within it

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forms met with the simple cyst or bladder filled with a fluid

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usually precedes the fatal termination augments the economical loss.

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Lactic Acid forms of dyspepsia and for the removal of

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those of the anterior fontanelle slight but distinct thickening of the

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maine. So prevalent and fatal are those cases becoming that

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a complete casing or covering of iodol in gelatine and gly

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ing the gas. It is mostly due to infection which is chiefiy tuberculous.

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ease germs of cancer and syphilis often set up an irritation.

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which supernaturalism thrives so luxuriously as it does in this

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senile state and therefore a disease of it. The same difficulties

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enza both on land and sea Kko per cent died during the period.

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between the reduction of urea and dropsy. On the contrary the greater

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bronchi which drain it. The result is that crepitations and mucous

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also with the degree of concentration in which it is taken and

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the head of the male foetus and the mother s pelvis which has

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by no means always associated with vascular caruncle of the

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and from latent gonorrhea. Tumors connected to the uterus

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