often found groups of cells that seem to indicate un

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ments of bark or other impurities. They usually vary in length from

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tuberculosis. There may be a very small area affected

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moderation at dinner time. For variety s sake instead of being absolutely

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sible for the following deformities The unopposed action of the

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that a careful record should 1k kejjt of the prrx edures

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tent dyspepsia with vomiting obstinate constipation and diffi

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little moment because only small amounts can be given without

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tient has written to say that she has gained in weight

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giffe a gracious going to the vser to the hi3te of Worship

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in the fashionable circles the combination of an excessively nervous

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pi esent circumstances of war a balance of this kind should

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serving of notice in view of the doubtful necessity of

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Many refractions were made the object always being to get the bes

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il est plus rempli de sang et parsem6 de vaisseaux variqueuX.

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pneumatic duct and in the precoelomic diverticulum the epi

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just so in psoriasis. The action is one secondary to an im

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must become contaminated with irulent tubercle bacilli and the more

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that this method of immunization has a serious disadvantage

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question investigating chiefly the effect of leucocytosis

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each injection there was some improvement and the patient

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have done much to determine their relations to one another.

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consolidations irregularly scattered throughout one or more lobes. The bron

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In 50 cases of pneumonia caused by Friedlander s bacillus optochin

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By the way. Dr. Horder still prefers the anti formin method

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gathered at a large military barracks near Toul from villages which

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In 1856 several pupils of the Alfort Veterinary School contracted

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pale white opaque lines traversing them in various directions.

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The physiology of the foetus throws much light upon its pathology. Its

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interest which I understand that my friend Professor

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escape through the nerve of Jacobson and enter the small superficial

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was the lowest recorded in any country for our enlisted men during

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from peritoneal tuberculosis laparotomy should be done and it has saved

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and difficult for the mother while it is often fatal to the fcetus.

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Supernumerary Captain Arthur Irvine Foetescue M.B. from

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of milk of lime and potash alum is recommended against flies.

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are drawn from the observation of five cases. Of two of

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Dr. Bastian says that in some respects the patient walks as a

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The heart is divided into halves one half receives and gives

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From a review of the entire experiment it can be seen that the

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gery can be done by the vagina many of the dangers of that

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bestowed upon it. It is strange that some theorists should attribute

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Series B 55 per c ent. A much gi eater discrepancy woidd

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by his character bis previous career the nature of his present enterprise

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ty seven years in the Navy serving through all the grades and

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condition 11 a false conception of the action of micro

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of the new serum detailed its mode of preparation and explained

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that if time permit the operation should be delayed till

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A new proposal has been offered to lessen the suffei

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rival at San Francisco Cal. will proceed to Columbus

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which was succeeded by a rainfall of nearly three inches during the

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months time. He had carried heavy loads upon his shoulder he

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the deformity less apparent. The deformity was symmetrical and about

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place in organotherapj. The brilliant results obtained

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In her second paper published on the same date she seems to

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in small quantities at regular intervals. In cases which

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stant headache and is the source of slight febrile symptoms. It

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use of bitters the mechanism of their action is prac

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This movement will develop the upper part of the trapezius

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The nervous symptoms from nervousness through melancholy to insanity

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tubules. The tufts are hsemorrhagic contain micrococci colonies and

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