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which as we have just seen only eleven per cent of the whole

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tute antimeningococcus serimi. Each of the test sera was used in

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in this case would have atrophied and had the aneurysm not

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Sensory affections unless it be headache are far less frequent but

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cedents. In purpura there is no affection of the gums although in

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the creamy coloured fluid on the top yields an albuminous pre

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food supply calls forth a warning from the Department of Health of

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proof against all micro organisms he is proof against the degra

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monic processes causing at first pulmonary fibrosis and ultimately

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the bladder polypoid edema about the right ureter and slight

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learned by experimental ork in vitro along these lines and also

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in hemorrhage in cases. Osier quotes Litzmami as fiuding

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gered. Most frequently under such circumstances the blood

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If a septicemia with any one of the pyogenic organisms other than

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quantity requires eight to fourteen days for complete restoration to

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thymicus status thymicolymphaticus and status lymphaticus.

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presence of tubercle bacilli in the bladder and the presence of

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to the psychopathic hospital after a lumbar puncture had shown

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right nephritis parenchymatous chronic toxic myocarditis.

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