To hand over to a neutral State with the latter g consent

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of acetic acid and six equivalents of water. It is a variable mixture

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the area of inflammation a two per cent solution of

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similar remedies are beneficial. A hand atomizer thrown the inelY

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de la methode et en relatant ses autopsies cruellement demonstratives Nous

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of tlie whole organ. 4. When a uterine infection extends to a

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the presence of those who ought to be his familiar associates

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ing multiples of the eccentric anomaly of the comet of the mean

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P. 279 L 20. irporiVtt In frpocrrv vestigia sunt duplids acripturae

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opinion of the physician tend to restore his bodily functions to their

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straining apparatus for a short time until hypoder

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shown that wider areas of the white matter are involved

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gives the best result. The use of well prepared cat

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Treatment of eczema. We know that there are certain

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suction organ to suck the fluid of the deep epider

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Collateral reading Dictionary of Pyschological Medicine Hack Tuke Mental Diseases

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In the stage of resolution give stimulating expectorants such as

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teaching. Its place is in the highest rank of surgical

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cruciatum close to its attachment to the scaphoid bone. After division of the

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found. These latter indicate one step farther on the road which may

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is padlocked following an election in which police

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Naomi Naiema Chelcie Jess everyone from Club Library BTG

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to extent of paralysis of lower extremities loss of power extends

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Henes in 1915 showed that a hypercholesterinaemia was present in all

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practice in our own country where there are no fitting

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were in a diseased state. When the caeca were examined

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considerably on different ships just as a number of applicants

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the observation of Ballard regarding the correlation of

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continued his work for three months during this period

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The whole operation lasted three hours and at its termination the dog was

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quency. No classification of iutantile dyspepsia can bo com

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forthcoming but it is essential tliat the organization of

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of two years he still enjoyed. His serological status

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among those from 10 to 20 years of age but the mortality

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the letter l ows some ignorance writing as a supposed

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the onset. Two of the patients were hospital nurses

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jKTson without proper disinfection should never be thrown out upon

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The cells of the olfactory region those clearly neuroblastic in

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uals are placed at an angle the consequent approxima

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receive. Foremostly my loudest thank you to my parents for

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mucous membrane and skin at margin of anus. Several small folds

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Veterinary Practitioners Club of Hudson County New Jersey.

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The incoordination may be a nuirked feature and there are usually sensory

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sugar and milk have been added and a considerable part of your waste

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Db. T. Edwabd Post a well known physician in Los Angeles

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some cases not more than 10 grains have been employed

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any fluid extract or tincture goes forth under our label

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around the shoulders. The management and manipulations of

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turbance of the circulation because it is generally most fully compensated

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require different treatment. When the irregularity is dependent on

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GASTRO COLIC FISTULA A communication between the sto

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ing a functional index which shall be a practical measure to determine

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pharyn.K and may be aspirated mi.xed with blood or saliva and thus

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latter were only cured after treatment for several months.

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symptoms are absent and pain of an intermittent type is the promini ni

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luxuriofer flusftattung. Dat Galenus opes. Wcnigftens gilt dies Wort

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year Solly. It is a unique experience to bathe in the outdoor pool

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a few circulating in the blood in given conditions. Debility

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ity of these elements combined. We have seen comparatively

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Christianity is connected not only with biblical Judaism but also

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zone of neutrality where he was much at home although my

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urinary surgery a great advance has been made by the invention of

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ganisms. There is probably a symbiosis of the streptococcus

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Mother living and healthy no illness beyond child bearing no

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them. Advice and help to poor persons in the art of

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Ph sicians should always ascertain and state to asylum officers

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ments of the diaphragm due to some unknown Irritation of the phrenic

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probably for a year or more. The scales float in the air of

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In apparently healthy individuals transient hemianopia is not an unfre

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As the title indicates this volume of 300 pages gives an account

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instance more than 25 years ago I knew of the eccentricities of

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spread over the breast and allowed to The difficulty in digesting milk of

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excision photo or radiotherapy may be employed. The

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mouth wash 2 drs. to the quart of water. To this may be

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lessened after two or three visits and he did not return

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are encountered in practice as for example of cirrhosis with paren

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disclaims the necessity for any such supposition. If I mistake not he

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was spent in the study of disease existing among the natives

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insufficiency of the left ventricle whether the in

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I may here say that I have approached femoral herniae

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Feelings of numbness formication deadness tingling and pins and needles

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tin one which has begun to wear it will become dark

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conscious can inform the surgeon should he press unduly

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their rank till qualified for retirement as per scale. A similar

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in some others the acute respiratory outbreak in the spring of 1918 appeared

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feme time and to be renewed at leaft once a week. If

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Advancement of Science. No criticism could have been

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K gt wers in the advanced stages of fevers particularly those of a

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tions. 5. IMalignant neoplasms sarcoma or cancer benign neo

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How to Bandage. There is not a more important art connected

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that of a young gentleman aged twenty three years. The tumour was

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means of reducing ocular tension was inferior to iridectomy. Mr.

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